Aransas casino boat Aransas casino boat

Jacks or Better Casino Review. Now located in Galveston Bay, the former Aransas Queen Casino, which set out on her much anticipated maiden journey on May 12.

My husband and I tried out the cruise this past Friday. We were just click for source we went during the day on Friday since it has less crowds. We took Dramamine before hand and so glad we did since we both did not get sick.

The staff on board was very friendly and nice. The food was actually not bad at all the fries are great. Overall we had a great time but I think it's better to gamble on land then sea. Well I read the link reviews and some are at aransas casino boat and others are not quite there yet, yes get yourself some Dramamine and take about 1 hour before departure.

My wife gets sick faster than I do so she took some Dramamine and I opted out of it, bad decision. Now I know I gave it 4 stars but in reality it's not a bad trip like I said I should have taken some Dramamine and I do believe I aransas casino boat have been ok instead I ended up getting a bad headache and threw up once, I ended up not having a good experience as I did managed to get down to the slots machines and gamble the last 45 minutes.

There was a few other people that ended getting sick and were sick the whole trip. When you board you can go straight to aransas casino boat buffet and enjoy a complimentary meal gratis free spins vid registrering ours that day consisted of pulled pork, chicken breast, roll, and some sides.

You then head up to the deck area and enjoy some drinks while you wait to take aransas casino boat. Once you depart if you are lucky you aransas casino boat be able aransas casino boat catch a view of dolphins swimming next to the ship on your way out. Once we left the harbor is when we started getting rocked with waves which caused the ship to go up and down which in turn turned everybody into wobbly people. There is 3 floors as the bottom floor consist of slot machines, the 2nd floor consist of slot machines along with all your poker tables and the buffet area and the top is of coarse your deck area.

Be advised that the restroom that I saw was at the front of the ship on the bottom floor so if you do happen to use because of its location you will definitely feel the ship as it goes up and down. Which in turn can make you feel dizzy and sick. What Aransas casino boat was real impress with is the staff on board, they are some of the friendliest and most helpful people you can run into, they all go out of there way to help you, even when you are feeling sick.

They do pass around small disposable puke bags for those who need them. All in all I will give it another try but next time I will definitely take some Dramamine for the trip The ship struck the East Jetty marker a stationary object on the way back to port, which was terrifying. The grinding of steel on steel from the bow to the stern was horrific.

They are downplaying this as a visibility issue. Posts on their facebook page by myself and others that were on the cruise have been repeatedly deleted. I would never recommend this cruise or company to anyone. I would link to have my life in my own hands driving to Lake Charles, than in the hands of this company in the middle of the ship channel.

What a fun trip! It was my son's 27th birthday aransas casino boat everyone was so kind and helpful. Loved the aransas casino boat who helped make aransas casino boat special day extra so.

The seas were quite smooth, the weather beautiful. The dealers were very helpful, always with a smile. We'll be back very soon! Now, the boat does rock a bit, so be prepared. If you're prone to seasickness, listen to their instructions, ask one of the staff or choose a date when the weather is calm. Ladies, keep the high heel shoes at home. All of the staff were really nice and friendly.

The entertainment on the way in and out made aransas casino boat time go by faster, there is singing and music, lots of fun! If you get sea sick you should be sure to take Dramamine before you get on and take it with you in case you need more. There were people sick throwing up everywhere, trash cans, bathrooms, in bags, on the floor. It was really hard to not get sick seeing all the throw up everywhere while feeling sick myself.

Everyone was having a hard time walking around with the movement from the water. My group didn't win any money but I'm not sure if anyone else did. It was fun but I don't think this is something I will do again. We had a blast Even won a little money. The Ship was clean and the staff was helpful. I have gone 3 times now and had a blast each time. Its easy to get on, and only 15 bucks.

I probably tipped the dealer or more while playing. Don, and chris are good dealers who can laugh and have a good time If you want to be able to gamble when the casino opens then take dramamine like their website recmonneds Honestly, this casino cruise was a lot of fun. As long as you aren't expecting a 5 Star, world class yacht, you will have fun!

One of my best friends and I went on the Aransas Queen Casino on Saturday March 26, We had aransas casino boat blast. There's also a complementary lunch buffet- mediocre food, but it was not terrible.

It was good for an inclusive lunch. It consisted of baked chicken, rolls, salad, rice and beans. We ate it and enjoyed it. The live music on board was pretty good. The guys were enjoyable to listen to. Now the reason we are all here: The gambling portion was fun. We started off the 3.

We didn't lose our shirts! The dealers and the fellow players were all really nice too. I didn't have time to play any slots, but there were a few jackpot winners on board, and I heard you do go here have to pay taxes on aransas casino boat winnings since you are on international turf.

I recommend the Aransas Queen Casino Cruise aransas casino boat you like to play casino games and if you are up for a good 'Ol down-to-Earth kind of time.

I hope you are reading this review before you go, it will aransas casino boat your trip be successful. Take it an hour before, just do it We labeled the outside part of the third aransas casino boat of the aransas casino boat 'the sick bay' because that is where all the people who got seasick spent the entire six hours. Yes, there will be people puking, passed out and slumped over on tables.

Just eat before you go. Dinner packs up before the gambling starts. BUT there will be leftover rolls that are available for Sehr console ps4 geant casino aus entire cruise. Nice to have some aransas casino boat and butter to snack on but bring snacks with you if you want variety. Before the casino opens, you can claim your spot at the tables by placing your boarding pass tabletop. They have roulette, craps, three-card poker, blackjack.

Slots are old but still paid out. Yep, some people still smoke. The boat does a pretty good job of covering the aransas casino boat but it's nice to go to the third floor aransas casino boat get some fresh air. Bring a book or extra charger for your phone. Once you are done gambling there isn't much to do It would be nice if they played movies on the multiple TVs they have throughout the boat. So yeah, bring aransas casino boat to do.

No phone service, so download before you go! If aransas casino boat do want to take a snooze on the boat, bring a pillow and blanket. Also, my sister was cold inside the casino, so maybe a light jacket if you get cold easily. Overall, it was a fun experience. Would I do it again? Maybe the day cruise. The staff is super friendly and will take care of you. Don't expect luxury and you'll have a good time I went in Jacks or Better casino out of Galveston.

The ship looked older than expected as I walked in. The slot machines were nice and they definitely had some fun ones. If you get sea sickness or feel like there's a chance you might be sea sick, I would recommend avoiding this at all costs! I got very aransas casino boat sick, along with probably about 20 others onboard based on what I saw. They have barf bags and employees that bring ginger ale to calm stomachs, so it's clearly not a rare occurrence. Also, aransas casino boat you are aransas casino boat and have balance deficits, or have any leg injuries, please avoid this Speaking as a physical therapist!

You could not walk in a straight line because aransas casino boat ship was soooo rocky. It takes about an hour and a half for gambling to be open, plus an hour and a half on the way home. So the gambling lasts for only about 3 hours. During the time that no gambling is hollywood chicago amphitheater casino, there's really not anything to do besides sit around and listen to karaoke, primarily from one staff member on our experience.

Overall, I had a pretty terrible time but mostly because I got extremely sea sick and threw up the whole time. I think I'd be much happier driving to Lake Charles a little further aransas casino boat to enjoy gambling! I wish I could give it more stars because it aransas casino boat some great qualities and has potential in other areas I'm not thrilled with.

Staff is always always friendly. Aransas casino boat is definitely their greatest quality as a company. I've never come across a single employee on this vessel that was not obviously proud of their job and did it well. Quality aransas casino boat food has a lot to be desired. I would rather pay a small fee for a quality meal or a much bigger buffet. I would love if see more was live music on deck before and after gambling, aransas casino boat a guy playing guitar and singing.

Gambling could have a bigger payout, I never seem to win much of anything or I would probably be back more often if it felt as if I had a chance. Also, they could use some newer style games. From what I've seen on the news, even the illegal game rooms visit web page better machines. Just realize that this is a ship casino and not Vegas! Had a variety of slots and dollar amounts to select from as well as table games like Let It Ride, Black Jack, 3 card poker, aransas casino boat although that was not in play on our trip as well as craps.

Bar and snacks on each level. Staff is friendly and helpful. As for our luck - I was winning while my husband lost it as fast as I won! This is not a Carnival Cruise ship size boat so ocean motion is to be expected. Get your sea legs or Dramamine and have a seat at your favorite slot or table games and Win! This was an awesome evening trip. Galveston should be proud to have one more exciting and unique venue, enhancing it as a true tourist destination.

Even if you are not a gambler the cruise itself is great. Rocky, Collette, John, Thomas and the entire crew and staff were amazing and entertaining. If you want to hit the slots, take a spin on the roulette table, or double down at black jack without having to fly to Vegas or fight I traffic to Louisiana, a cruise on the Jacks or Better casino is the perfect option. Today my aransas casino boat and I decided to take advantage of the no entry fee that runs from Mon thur Thursday for the rest of the month of Feb.

Actually the free entry fee started in Jan but we didnt go. So from reading the comments on Facebook the night before I decided that we should buy some dramamine and take just in case.

I've been out on Shrimp Boat several times in the past and never got sea sick but my wife is not from aransas casino boat coast and have only been on a fishing boat in the bays only once. So the night before our trip we each took one dramamine before bed time then the day of our trip we each aransas casino boat another one around 30 mins before we left the dock.

Needless to say I'm so glad we did cause once we got pass the jetty's into the gulf the boat was rocking back and forth. The forecast for the day was ft seas with some wind. The pills really did help alot cause aransas casino boat we got further into the gulf alot of passenger's mainly older Winter Aransas casino boat were sick and throwing up. I guess they never been in the gulf before and didn't take any dramamine.

So once we passed the Jetty's in Port Aransas we decided to go downstairs to eat. The meal for the day was made and brought over from the Butter Churn restaurant in Aransas Pass which have great food in our opinion. The meal consist of a salad, dinner roll, rice,beans and sliced brisket.

Only problem was that by the time we went to eat the brisket had already ran out. The staff informed us that the restaurant had only sent over enough food for people and the boat had people on board.

The staff went over and beyond to fill our bellies up by giving us a plate of everything that was left besides the brisket plus went and made us a cheeseburger with chips to go a long with the other food. Next time when it's chow time go eat because aransas casino boat line will be long and they might run out depending on how much they order.

Once we reached 10 miles casino ballroom events into International waters the gambling began. There were plenty of games to choose from slots to table games. We're not big on gambling so we just stuck with the penny slots.

Even though we didn't win anything the games were fun and entertaining. The staff went above and aransas casino boat to bring you drinks and help the people who were sea sick and throwing up. Like I said earlier it was some rocking and swaying but what you expect when your out at sea on a ft boat. Another downside was all the people who were smokers.

The boat once again is not that big and kinda in close quaters where the slots were located. After awhile my wife started to get sick due to the lady who sat beside her at a aransas casino boat was a chain smoker. My wife immediately found me once her game was over with and told me she was headed upstairs to the open deck to get some air.

Unfortunately the waves aransas casino boat the cigarette smoke caught up to aransas casino boat and she ended up puking. She didn't want to take any more dramamine aransas casino boat go back to gambling downstairs due to so many people smoking so she just stayed on the upper deck and took in the amazing view of the seas and sunshine. I figured that money I lost covered the 5 BOURBON and COKE mixed drinks I had while gambling lol.

I don't think I would go once they start charging again to enter but if they're still around next winter or have a slow time and wave the entry fee I'm game for another trip lol.

I was very happy with the experience. And the staff is great, they were all so nice and attentive. It's definitely worth trying it out. I visited with a Aransas casino boat I had, aransas casino boat it was worth every penny and more.

A word of advice, take the Dramamine when you aransas casino boat on the boat. Don't try to wait for a just in case I get sick. Basically weather and bad food caused everyone to be sick. For the price if the weather conditions are perfect you can't beat it, but if you even start to worry about how much the boat is going to rock don't go.

The ride aransas casino boat was a rough one due to it being so windy and 5 ft aransas casino boat but it was an adventure to remember. Got splashed by the waves on deck as we were looking leaning forward at the front of the boat which we all got a good laugh out if it. The meal could use some improvement but it was OK. Someone from our group won big and now has his picture on the wall source just being on the slots for less than an hour.

Yes, some people can't handle the motion and do get sick. I comforted people in my group and continued to enjoy the music and slots with the free drinks. This is my review: Btw my girlfriend hated it, if she didn't I would go again. Ignore the crazy horror story reviews. If anything, the reviews scared us and caused us to have a little anxiety which we are prone to any way before departure and wavy waters. As predicted the waters were ' waves apparently. Expect some fun waves of up and down motions that just make you feel It's kind of funny walking around the boat wobbly.

By the way, enjoy cheap cocktails prior to International waters, and then free drinks the rest of the way. Super friendly and caring staff. Don't let the this web page scare you. I promise as an anxiety prone person take a Dramamine, get yourself a drink, and enjoy the ride. Aransas casino boat husband and I had a blast. Oh, and a quick tip--the "buffet" is available before you hit international waters, so if you eat breakfast before the morning trip, don't waste your money.

It's not served past international waters 1 hr out don't bother. If you're not starving before Also check out Groupon for discounts. Good luck, you'll be fine. It's not a horror story of people throwing up. Get yourself a Gin and Gingerale and have a good time. Don't go if your looking for fine dining cuisine, the food was terrible. I was hoping for more, we do not plan to return. Aransas Queen Casino Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Got a question about Aransas Queen Casino?

Ask the Yelp community! If you aransas casino boat to be continue reading to gamble when the casino opens then take dramamine like aransas casino boat website recmonneds. Honestly, this casino cruise was a lot of fun. The Aransas Queen Casino is under new ownership and management. Come see the new changes. We have a new owner and management team that has addressed all the issues that existed from the past owner. Aransas casino boat to Search Form ydbvbxaatccfbdwwzzsq.

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My son and my BFF, enjoying his birthday… by Leita C. Live Music by Rhiana S. Recommended Reviews for Aransas Queen Casino. Your trust is aransas casino boat top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. Aransas casino boat good as it gets!

Houston, TX 0 friends 3 reviews 2 photos. Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in? View from back top deck Aransas Queen Casino ship layout Texas City, TX 0 friends 4 reviews. Stop following Kathey K. Aransas Pass, TX 1 friend 5 reviews 1 photo. My son and my BFF, enjoying aransas casino boat birthday cruise.

The staff were kind, funny and helpful. We had a great time and will be back for more fun. Houston, TX 14 friends 3 reviews.

Great Falls, MT friends 6 reviews. Pearland, TX 0 friends 1 review. Webster, MA 59 friends 38 reviews 63 photos. Stop following Rhiana S. Don't forget to sign up for the Player's Card! Austin, TX 5 friends 4 reviews. Stop following Jackie B. Monrovia, CA 86 friends 2 reviews. Stop following Serena C. Corpus Christi, TX 92 friends reviews photos. Leander, TX 0 friends 36 reviews. Stop following Debbie C. Houston, TX 0 friends 3 reviews.

Hurst, TX 68 friends 6 reviews photos. Stop following Quincy C. San Antonio, TX 14 friends 5 reviews. Stop following Sylvia G. Pflugerville, TX 89 friends 3 reviews 2 photos. San Antonio, TX 18 friends 3 reviews 2 photos.

Aransas Queen Casino views. San Antonio, TX 0 friends 7 reviews 1 photo. Stop following Michael R. Austin, TX 15 friends 28 reviews 19 photos. Castle Hills, San Antonio, TX 0 visit web page 24 reviews 1 photo.

Stop following Angela R. Page 1 of 2. Hours Mon Closed Tue Closed Wed More business info Good for Kids No Offers Military Discount Yes.

This source is a Yelp advertiser. From the business The Aransas Queen Casino is under new ownership and management. Learn more about Aransas Queen CasinoOpens a popup Specialties The Aransas Queen Casino is under new ownership and management. History Established in Crazy Cajun Seafood Restaurant.

Century 16 Corpus Christi. Browse nearby Restaurants Nightlife Shopping Show all. People found Aransas Queen Casino by searching for… Things To Do Aransas Pass. Monthly Trend Are you a human? Please complete the bot aransas casino boat below. Check your phone to view the aransas casino boat now!

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Author information is disabled per default. Uncomment and fill in your details if you want to use it. Author A little something about you, the author. Nothing lengthy, just an overview. Join our mailing list to receive the latest Jacks or Better news and promotions! We have closed our operations in Aransas Pass, Texas aransas casino boat of too many cancels due to high seas.

We are reopening in Galveston, Texas in April Please check back later in the month for sailing times. Use aransas casino boat calendar below to secure your reservation.

You may also book by phone. All major credit cards accepted. We have your confirmation number and name. Purchase off the A La Carte menu. Begins 45 minutes prior aransas casino boat departure, doors close 5 minutes before leaving. No refunds within 48 hours of departure. Full refund www 365 gr to inclement weather.

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