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But here are some of my other observances: Afterwards there is dancing until 1am. And even if you don't do the class, it is located in their restaurant and very visible from the entrance. I like that the music just gets the lobby pumping. The majority were there to eat. The food looked good, and pricing was reasonable. Different nights have different themes of specials. Didn't try any of the food. Only had a margarita, which was way sweet, but since I like sweets, I was cool with that.

The crowd is varied - from 20s to 50s mainly. I don't gamble, but the rest of my family from out of town all do. I'm glad there is somewhere that looks decent close by to take them to when they're in town while I get bicycle casino phone number Latin dance on.

I just recently moved to Los Angeles and was curious to see the casino that is so close to where I came to. I'm from vegas originally, but bicycle casino phone number to high school in the inland empire, so I've seen California casinos since my transfer of states. Morongo, pechanga, and soboba have been my most recent haunts. My boyfriend and I came to bicycle around two am and sat down at a blackjack table.

The fact that we had to pay an extra dollar per hand to the house was odd to me. Not sure if our dealer was new or what, bicycle casino phone number there was another management-type employee sitting at the table watching what was going on.

I was given the red card to cut the deck and I mistakenly "fanned" the deck where I'm from that's a good luck thing but apparently it was absolutely not allowed and a floor manager was called over to review the situation.

I was obviously uncomfortable that I made such a faux pas and instead of trying to alleviate my discomfort I was just given an odd look from our employed associate at the table. After winning a hand I tipped the dealer. Of bicycle casino phone number, the manager-type at the table said nothing and let her relinquish her tip back to the casino.

Overall, a very odd casino experience. Next time I get a gambling itch I'll be driving back to the I. E to visit pechanga. We booked 2 nights here and I have 4 complaints.

Ordered eggs Benedict for brunch I received 2 hard boiled eggs on chewy ham and mooshy "hash browns. Called to book my massage at 11am, the spa manager told me they were booked for the weekend. Back story, I clarified twice with a manager and then before checking in- that they had open availability for the weekend the manager did call someone in to give me a massage, but it wasn't until 5pm- goodbye dinner plans!

Massage was pretty generic What was extraordinary was the message theripists' communication skills Which she decided to embrace through my WHOLE 50min message. Pool hours state they are open until 10pm on Saturdays They kicked us out at 7: Won't be coming back here. Thank you Aurora for everything.

My fish and chips were great and our drinks were perfect. Sit in Auroras area she will take amazing care of you: Satisfy my gambling addiction Before going to sleep I saw a youtube video of some bad calls people made in poker, and decided it was my turn to become the trump in city casinos atlantic nj bracelet winner.

Parking is always easy at Bike, you can park yourself or give it to valet for a couple of bucks. I always go valet, cuz I heard some stories about people getting robbed in parking lots. Lookin fancy Bike, was my thought as I walked in looked at the remodeling building. I played for about 2 hours and what do ya know, I triple up. Had a turkey sandwich and some fruits, several cups of coffee and soda for couple of bucks. Bicycle casino phone number an awesome time, enjoyed my new friends at the bicycle casino phone number and made some money.

I guess I will be quitting bicycle casino phone number full time job now to pursue my dream of becoming the next best poker player of the universe of all time. My bicycle casino phone number name will be Floppin McSets, comin to ESPN near you. Mission Successful We came here for the brewery and it was closed. Paid valet for nothing. It was because of a UFC fight, the website did not say anything. No signs posted at here, nor were there any signs posted in sign.

I hate when places do this. Probably won't come back now. Told the person at valet that I did not even have my car parked bicycle casino phone number 5mins. This review is of the hotel and the casino broken in two parts. The hotel is seven months new and is very trendy. It's welcoming and charming at the same time. The rooms are spacious and well decorated.

There's a decent sized TV on a nice stand as well as an executive desk. There's a fridge, Keurig machine and complimentary water. A small chair with ottoman and an addition ottoman for the bed are perfect compliments to the room. The art is beautiful too- everything seems well thought out. There are several mirrors which are great and a robe that's very comfy. I put it on to feel luxurious for the night.

There's tons of outlets for all your gadgets too! The carpet is high end and the travertine flooring in the entrance and the bathroom are a great touch. The bathroom is fancy too.

The dual shower head was very relaxing. There's a small area to sit as well. The spit between the shower and the toilet is great but there's no sliding door for privacy. The soap and shampoo are a pricey brand which adds to the value of the bicycle casino phone number. Http:// is a really nice four star hotel, where you expect no bed bugs or to find someone else's pubes in a face towel lol.

The only thing I didn't like about the room was that you can't override the temperature. It's locked to whatever the hotel desires it to be. Now for the casino The casino is online casino best payouts huge.

There's a non smoking section and a smoking section. Also, no slot machines anywhere! There's only table games but they're a all types of table games The problem is if you can find a seat. I enjoyed a few hands of Pai Gow which was fun but you have to pay to play which is the casinos cut for making the establishment available for patrons to play. I didn't mind but it did eat into my winnings.

My first had I won l, the second I won and the third hand I won both "monster" hands! I ended leaving and cashing out and was later told by the older lady next to me that my seat was hot and that I shouldn't have left I was here to experience playing at the iconic Bicycle. It isn't Vegas and it has its styles and rules for classic games but it's gaming.

The staff and dealers were bicycle casino phone number and seemed patient enough to explain to patrons how to play and how to bet. Tonight was a full house as UFC was on all the over the casino. If I'm in the area again visiting friends or family I would definitely return. Again, this isn't Vegas but it's sure damn entertaining. I'll have to drive though this web page I would let be able to take my bicycle to the bicycle Hahaha Knowing the area that I work in near Bicycle CasinoI had assumed that this place was going to be a little ghetto, but that wasn't the case once we pulled up to valet.

My friend likes to come here whenever we are on a spontaneous adventure and I can see why. The inside looks nicely renovated and there's a good amount of players playing at the tables. We're always in the Baccarat room so, the dealers are quite friendly and nice to converse with. Food here is pretty darn good for a casino too. I remember we had Korean BBQ and I was surprised at how authentic it was. Also tried their steak which wasn't bad at all. And I don't think I've ever had Bun Bo Hue anywhere else to compare it to, but hey I liked it!

So did my other friends if they were able to finish the entire bowl which was pretty bicycle casino phone number big! This will definitely be a casino I'll be frequenting these next few months.

He was thoughtful and considerate in responding to the unique demands of each us. His bicycle casino phone number and care was amazing to watch! And his attitude never change he always smiling and making everyone feel welcome! Taco Tuesday was the best at Bicycle Casino.

The rooms are all mini suites with a TV wall that separate the bed room with leaving room that is pretty large with a huge bathroom and bathtub and amazing bicycle casino phone number The poker room is runs very nice and Mo the tournament director done a great job.

We will be back. This was by far the best hotel I have ever stayed at. Every person that worked there smiled and said hello. I was made to feel welcomed as soon as I drove in the driveway. The valet parkers were excellent.

There are two restaurants one is a regular American food restaurant and there is a Chinese restaurant called the Phoenix. The Phoenix had the best Bicycle casino phone number food I have ever bicycle casino phone number in my life.

They also had the best smoothies and Thai teas. You get incredible value with "The Bike" and excellent service. The room was impeccably clean and halls and other common areas spotless. Delicious food, endless champagne no complaints!! Menudo fresh omelets and many bicycle casino phone number authentic full of flavor dishes Try some cranberry on that champagne and leave happier This is the spot for taco Tuesday.

The meat was really good. This will be my new go to spot for late night dinner. I have been hearing a lot about Bicycle in the last few months but never really mustered the courage to do go here drive there just to play.

Untill that on day after a night of partying that led to an afternoon wake up. Lol, I decided to find something else to do. First order of business was to pull my phone and search for the closest Casino to the Hotel I was staying in DTLA and guess my surprise? At 8 miles away the closest one was the bicycle Casino Dr. Yes, I thought about it a minute and said to my self, that cannot be a coincidence. I woke up bicycle casino phone number my comfy bed, showered drive all the way there and Valet on arrival.

The Location is pretty clean and they have managed to do the hardest thing known to mankeep the Bathroom spotless, clean and smell free.

There is a huge area with all type of games that you can think of and also a separate smoking area bicycle casino phone number the "DRAGONS" can play without having to change or delay their habits. Unfortunately or fortunately for me,  I ended up being the only "TIGER" in a room full of "DRAGONS" because that was the  only area with  open seat of "ULTIMATE TEXAS Click the following article But this is where things become interesting because as a "TIGER" I was there to "EAT"  and my only focus was on the targetthe location didn't bicycle casino phone number as long as the prey was there.

Hahaha I sat at a table suffering in that smoky environement for a couple hours going up and down in Chips count, that didn't bother me at all anymore. I mean "A LA FROZEN"  The smoke didn't bother me anymore.

Since it was getting a little bit late and wanted to get ready to go out, I gave myself 20 more minutes to bounce out. At the end of those dreadfull minutes, since I was a few   up, I decided to play bicycle casino phone number last hand so I could have change for the Valet and also tip my dealer before I go home, but the game had other plans for me.

I looked at my hand and had some of suit Jack high card I decided to check while getting my stuff ready, I missed the flop when I look back, they were already on the turn and right there I realized I had a "ROYAL Bicycle casino phone number OF DIAMOND" in my hand.

Got pretty pumped up until the river card came and flushed the board. I was like good Everyone on the table wins but I got the jackpot.

They called the floor but unfortunately the Casino rules said I needed two card in my hand to get the Jackpot "DREAM CRUSHED" oh well, I was planning on leaving anyway. Got paid, the blindanti and still end up with some nice change. Gave some to the player at the table, tip another floor person that comp click here Valet, gave  a little for the waitresses and on my way home I was.

Yes, it was a great night Even thought, I didn't hit the Jackpot I went home happy that I won, that I was able to make some people happy. Definitely will go back again if I get the chance.

After all, they have my Jackpot and I want it back. Haha Good job Bicycle team. Keep up the good work I like it here. It looks like a Vegas casino. I came here for happy hour at the Brewery for my birthday. Everything tasted so good. Bicycle casino phone number really liked my cocktail too. I would love to come here again and hopefully win some mulah. Stayed at their Hotel for 7 nights The morning buffet service people are excellent, made me feel welcomed and at home.

The parking fast and helpful. Guests can park on the back for free. Rooms are always clean, presentation is excellent and non smoking through out the Hotel I completely recommend you stay with them but make sure you check prices through another site as they have better deals you welcome The hotel was very beautiful, clean, modern, and great vibe. We loved that the booking came with complementary valet and they were very fast and effective, click to see more the interactions with the employees who works there weren't the friendliness.

Altogether we enjoy our stay. Didn't take one look at the bicycle casino phone number floor but spent a couple of nights in the hotel. I've stayed in a couple of 5-star chains and I can honestly say that my room was at par and maybe bicycle casino phone number a little better. I click here lounge around in my terry-cloth robe all day without even realizing it.

Look past the typical casino exterior and you'll bicycle casino phone number the comfiest stay. The front desk tried to keep some of the deposit money Uh I didn't even use or destroy anything??

Not cool but at least it wasn't a long argument. In california the only casinos that have slot machines are indian casinos. Something like morongo or pachanga Read less. Something like morongo or pachanga. We came here for the brewery and it closed.

Knowing the area that I work in near Bicycle CasinoI bicycle casino phone number assumed that this place was going to be bicycle casino phone number little ghetto, but that continue reading the case once we pulled up to valet. A special thanks to Roubeen for his superior service as manager of the valet parking at the Bicycle Club Casino. This by far one of the best carding casino in LA area.

Delicious food, endless champagne   no complaints!! Menudo  fresh omelets and many other authentic full of flavor dishes Try some cranberry on that champagne  and leave happier.

This is the spot for taco Tuesday. Keep up the good work. I like it here. The parking  fast and helpful. Rooms are always clean, presentation is excellent and non smoking through out the Hotel  I completely recommend you stay with them  but make sure you check prices bicycle casino phone number another site as they have better deals you welcome. The hotel bicycle casino phone number very beautiful, clean, modern, and great vibe.

The front desk tried to keep some of the deposit money   Uh I didn't even use or destroy anything?? Nonstop thrills and unrivaled luxury await you in Southern California's most exhilarating all-in-one destination. Our elegant rooms and suites, world-class gaming, lavish spa, …. Our elegant rooms and suites, world-class gaming, lavish spa, open-air pool and brewery restaurant ensure that an exceptional experience like no other awaits you.

Minutes from Los Angeles, we have created an unequaled escape to meet our guests' every desire. Whether you come to be thrilled at the casino or to recharge at the hotel, your moment is waiting. Over the past 29 years, The Bicycle Casino has played a major role in the city of Bell Gardens.

Not only has The Bicycle Casino focused worldwide attention on the city through its various poker related events, it has partnered with the city to enrich the lives of Bell Gardens residents. Skip to Search Form tsastetbqtrwaq Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp. Sign Up Log In. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Write a Review Add Photo ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Edit Bicycle Casino Dr Bell Gardens, CA Send to your Phone.

Does this place or anywhere around have slot machines? Something like morongo or pachanga Read less In california the only casinos that have slot machines are indian casinos.

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More business info Accepts Credit Cards Yes Accepts Apple Pay Yes Accepts Android Bicycle casino phone number No Accepts Bitcoin No Good for Kids No Wi-Fi Free. This business is a Yelp advertiser. From the business Nonstop thrills and unrivaled luxury await you in Southern California's most exhilarating all-in-one destination. History Established in bicycle casino phone number DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles - Commerce.

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My $25,525 Pot With Pocket Queens At The Bicycle Casino

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