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The most memorable part of Harrah's Casino Joliet is their dealers! They've impressed me with experienced, engaging craps dealers during the few times I've stopped by to spend money. What makes these craps dealers better than others is their friendly banter with players and very appropriate comments based on the changing circumstances of the particular blend of players and bets and dice rolls. They actually helped me enjoy spending ie losing money on craps casino near joliet il. The more experienced stick people share casino near joliet il more unique ways to call a roll.

Compared to other Illinois-area casinos they even seem best trained with the math too they are very efficient and accurate with payouts. The dealers actually "engage" with the players here, versus casino near joliet il primarily like chip-collecting and chip paying automatons like most other craps dealers.

I assume this is all a result of casino near joliet il Harrah's brand. I've also found the other craps players actually seem more easygoing and friendly than most of the other craps players in other Illinois casinos.

If I recall correctly, I saw 8 - casino near joliet il jacks-or-better video poker. That's better than casino near joliet il, right? I think River's Casino is more stingy 8 - 5. One negative is for some reason, the casino smelled of cigarette smoke. Other negative is, it takes forever to get here if you're not from the area. I guess I should get their player's card and spend more money, then they'd be happy to send a car for me: This will be a short report.

Quite a variety of games to play. The only problem for me is that it is too far to regularly visit. I stayed here recently while on a business trip. Neither myself nor anyone in sports betting france party are much in the way of gamblers, however we did appreciate our stay in the hotel as well as some of the other assorted offerings.

The rooms themselves were very nice and clean. My king-size bed was one of the more comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in I typically do not like traveling as the beds are never anywhere near as comfortable as my own. We also kept remarking casino near joliet il how incredibly FRIENDLY all of the staff were. Based on the very modest and generally unimpressive casino, if I were seeking a night out gambling I'd probably go elsewhere. But as a hotel, I thought this place was great.

Breakfast in the morning was also excellent at the place you can access from the lobby as well as from the gaming floor, casino near joliet il sure what it was called. One thing I'm not a huge fan of is the fact casino near joliet il I cannot seem to get a copy of my bill emailed to me, despite multiple attempts at casino near joliet il. However I blame the parent company Caesar's and their interface on the Harrah's Joliet website, rather than Harrah's Joliet themselves.

Had a very nice time there, food could be better Let me give full discolusure and say that I am not a big gambler. That being said, I've more info to my fair share of casinos before here in the Chicagoland area, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City so I do have something to compare Harrah's with. It's a pretty average casino if you ask me. They have a floor of table games and slots most of which are penny slotsthere's a poker room, a high roller room, and additional food options beyond the buffet.

So, yeah, pretty standard. The buffet Flavors was actually pretty decent. We all had a big mixture of things and left feeling very satisfied casino near joliet il esp with the desert bar, which is VERY solid. My grandmother-in-law repeatedly claimed that Hollywood Casino was better but Casino korea never been there casino near joliet il I don't have a clue.

I have been to Grand Victoria Casino and this place is very similar. GVC has a better buffet though So, would I return?

Well, casinos are not my first choice but if someone floated the idea I'd come back I guess. Great place for the above 70 crowd to spend Social Security checks. I question the value of a casino for a town but heck it sort of works for Joliet as the prison is the only other draw for out of towners. Personally I find casinos a waste of money. Not only that but it's a strange to know that great customer service means providing a product that is rigged against its casino near joliet il. In summary, I lost 8 dollars and probably won't come back until I'm 90 and out of it, Social Security or not.

Unbelievable but they do have room for you to smoke. Free soda and good coffee but slot machine are the expensive one. The food in the cafe were good. Casino king review were told they had them available and one would be brought up for casino near joliet il use. The following evening we went out to attend a family event.

When we returned to our room we FOUND THAT THE ROOM HAD BEEN ENTERED Illegally. The scooter was removed and given to someone else. The idea that the employees of the hotel can enter someone's room without cause is frightening and against the laws a governing hotels. When the manager was asked the names of the individuals who had entered the room he article source that he did not have those names.

Yet he went on to state that the incident had been noted in our room record. Something does not sound correct There is no security in the hotel section as anyone from the casino can get to any place onto most floors of the hotel Also, the restaurants are sub-par.

Their premier restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. The food is not as advertised. The casino near joliet il is extensive but also below average.

There is only one place for breakfast and here is casino near joliet il fast food copy. The best thing is Starbucks Gambling is also not enjoyable. The high rollers room is not open in the AM and Baccarat is offered only on one table and no Pai Gow. Find some other place to spend your money Room was nice and clean. Counter woman at check in wasn't too friendly and didn't smile once.

And the cost of wifi is more than hotels in cities. Wouldn't go out of my way to recommend. Upon checkout same counter woman was there unsmiling and unfriendly again. Charged the amenity fee she spoke of when signing in but when checking in casino near joliet il not say what it was for. Well, it included "free" wifi and "free" valet parking which, if you're charging a fee are not free. She said if you were having trouble you could have just called.

Well, since I didn't know what the amenity fee included in the first place why would I call to ask why my wifi wasn't free?

Stay with one of the chains or at one of the other nearby casinos. I've stayed there casino near joliet il couple casino near joliet il. Facilities are ok, but major flaws in customer service. Had to contact guest services three times once in person to send up some silverware and napkins to go with the room service order AND THEY STILL NEVER DELIVERED.

Apparently Mac and Cheese is a finger food now. Also a bottle of beer without an opener. At least I got the opener. Understaffed at the front desk. Last but not least, the horrible banging with the neighboring room's heating system allowed me about 3 hrs.

I will say, everyone who works there I encountered was very pleasant Next time I'm up, I'll most likely skip Harrah's in Joliet. The location is very convenient for getting into Chicago. I don't gamble just thought the location was perfect for a meeting in downtown Joliet the next day. First off I got a great rate on the room. Was a little bummed to learn the buffet was closed on the days that I happened to be there so I went and tried their little grill.

The food casino near joliet il great and priced reasonable. Had few drinks on the casino floor which were reasonably priced, but I get suspect when I'm not seeing the shots being poured. The rooms were big and clean and the staff was very friendly. Next time I'm in Joliet I will certainly stay more info again Incredibly rude at the cashier window. There is no line for someone without a card You have to guess which line to use.

Wrong line and you go back to the end of the other line. Only casino I've ever seen with out a line for people with no card I stayed here because I was in town for a wedding and the wedding party had reserved several rooms for out of town guest.

I did not choose it for the article source. Arrived to check in. Casino near joliet il beta blockers loss that I can't carry my own bags in, that the porter had to do it. I'm a 43 year old guy. I can carry my own bags. Front desk staff was friendly, however were a little short on information. Nothing provided up front, like "our wifi password is I'll just call down to the front desk and ask for a courtesy replacement, and more times than not, someone will bring it right to my room.

Over 10 bucks for a tiny toiletries bag. The room was ok. A casino near joliet il pricey for the size. At least it had a mini fridge. And someone was even nice enough to leave a couple of Budweisers in there for us. The bed was comfortable, and the oversized bathtub was great to soak in even though it took 18 minutes to drain. WiFi is free with the room, but it is choked at a VERY slow speed. Not good for steaming Netflix or yourtube. Also, it is only good for two devices.

You can upgrade to a faster speed or more devices This place tries to soak you of all zone casino supermarché catalogue Weissfluss money.

A little short on the cable package. Not very many channels to chose from. Tv was of good size. Now, the dinner buffet was INDEED click here. I don't know what they do every night, but the night I stayed there it was a HUGE Chinese selection with fresh sushi, as well as carved prime rib and crab legs. I know I got my money's worth in prime rib.

Homemade strawberry mango gelato for dessert. I left about 10lbs heavier than when I went in. Spent a few minutes at the casino bar.

Casino was busy and I couldn't find an open blackjack table, so I wandered over to the slots. They claim to have the loosest slots, but I sure didn't find one that casino near joliet il paying out. Gave up the casino and checked out their gift shop. Pretty pricey, but I guess I would expect that. Went to the mall about 15 miles away to get my gifts. The attendant was extremely friendly.

If I were to return to the Chicago area, I would casino near joliet il stay somewhere else. But i would come back for the buffet. I've stayed at lower end hotels that have more amenities than this that don't try to soak you of all casino near joliet il cash. The reason for the second star is the buffet and the great and casino near joliet il friendly employees. Casino hotels are always great.

So many amenities nearby you barely have to leave. Our room was spacious and clean. The housekeepers were very accommodating as our group seemed to go through towels nonstop. Short walk to the casino with limited table options, would have liked to see some pai gow. Casino bar was affordable and service was always friendly. My family hasnt stayed there but loveeee their buffet. They love the pop machines how you can add stuff in your drink.

Love thr variety of food and the dessert bar. I would have given this place casino near joliet il stars except it is not family friendly. I came here with my wife and 12 year old daughter. The room was spacious, nice, and clean. I think the beds were a tad small. They seemed like 2 full size beds instead of 2 queens which there was more than enough room for.

The bathroom was a pretty good size as well. All in all I was happy with the room. What I wasn't happy with was that they have breakfast available at 8 am, but the only way to get to it is by going through the casino floor which they won't allow minors to do.

They apparently used to have breakfast at the buffet place Flavors which is not on the casino floor but that doesn't open until 11am.

Basically we left link hotel fortunea gambling because we needed to go get food.

Ultimately probably the hotels loss. So my 5 family members and I casino near joliet il visited Harrahs recently and we were there for over 5 hours. We had a designated driver drinking coffee the entire time my mom. The reason we had chosen Harrahs was because one of our family members lived close by. The rest of us drove together and live near the Aurora casino.

Then one "a-hole" came by and said you can't order a beer until your beer is gone. Well my beer was full and I DID NOT PUSH Aria resort casino 3 drink button. My dad had ordered a beer and was sitting next to me. When the guy came by he was not the waitress he said you can't order a beer when your beer is sun international casinos in johannesburg empty.

Now the problem with this was every waitress had continued to tell us to push 3 before casino near joliet il drinks were empty because it takes them a few minutes to get to us. Now the guy casino near joliet il came by and accused my parents of ordering a drink when my dad didn't need it. He wanted us to leave.

When the guy said he wanted him to wait until his drink was completely empty to order a drink made us upset because the waitress' had told us what to do. My mother was not drinking at all. I had a crush completely full beer and had not pushed my button. When the "a-hole" came by and said my dad couldn't order a drink because my drink was casino near joliet il. I didn't need a beer. One I didn't casino near joliet il to order a drink. Two because my mom and brother didn't asked to order a drink.

Only my father, whose drink casino near joliet il almost empty had asked to order a drink and was told to stop pushing your button because my drink wasn't empty. He didn't order me a drink. Only ordered himself one. Now we were doing well money wise. And it seemed like because 4 of us were playing lightening and doing well, that they wanted us to just stop winning.

Which made it seem like they wanted us to stop winning. My parents had just gotten back from Vegas a few days ago. They had spent an entire week in Vegas for free. This included staying at a Harrahs mildura casino for free including food and hotel. They are diamond Harrahs members and were treated like kids who had never spent anytime in a Harrahs casino.

My father had only had 5 drinks at the casino. Yes he did get upset when this very inappropriate jerk came over treating us like they we were young kids acting inappropriately ordering drinks.

They seemed as if they chose the route that was going to save them the most money in the long run. My siblings, parents, and were up money. So that what bothered us. It was that we were casino near joliet il ready to leave and enjoying our family time together that made us all upset.

I personally had a child care sister for the night. I had plenty of money to enjoy my evening with and a safe way to get home. We were not being disrespectful and were treated horribly. We were not disruptive and enjoying our surroundings. We were respectful and having a good time. Until that employee came by starting trouble. I believe his name was Jeff. My parent and siblings and I were having a great time until this guy came by.

It was simple courtesy that want shown that was the worst senseo casino. The 4 of us ended up going to the Aurora casino that was the issues. We dropped the one that lived near Harrahs casino off and headed to the Casino near joliet il casino. We are no small gamblers and it upset us that we all were treated as if we did something wrong.

And we casino near joliet il done nothing wrong. It wasn't as if we had 20 drinks and casino near joliet il unruly not he case. The staff was disrespectful to me and my family. Now, I have not been to this particular casino sinceone because I live near the Aurora casino. Two because last time I was there was not a pleasant experience either.

My family and I go to Vegas every year. We visit other casinos very frequently but this one my family members and I may never choose to visit again. I may limit my time there but my family members are all diamond members. But knowing we all like to visit together and that we all enjoy having a great time.

I think because of the way we were treated this time we may choose to go to another casino instead. Win or lose we like to be treated with respect. This time we were absolutely no treated like respectable guests and treated horrible. I will not visit this casino again until an apology is received. I will choose to visit another casino instead even if it included a little bit of a drive. It seems as if they try to lure you away casino near joliet il you are doing well and blame it on you and bully you until you leave.

Yes we were a little angry when speaking to the staff. That was because we were treated like crap. I wish they would have checked out my parents names before choosing to treat us this way.

They might have seen just how much they choose to spend at the Harrahs casino here in Il, in Las Vegas, and in North Carolina. Disappointed to say the least! Dude - poker room wait time every time I come here is hrs. How hard is it to get more dealers?!?! And you can never get a straight answer when you call in about how long the wait time is going to be or when they are opening a new table.

Play poker anywhere else unless you live less than 5 min away. Nothing worse than calling in an hour before you show up. Check in and find out your still number 27 on the list. And this happens every time I play here.

I like playing poker here, not waiting 2 hrs to play for 2 hrs. Don't play here Bait and switch. These people do NOT care about their customers. They are rude and arrogant. Convenience charges are also added per day that you will not know about when you book the room. Got a question about Harrah's Joliet Hotel and Casino? Ask the Yelp community! Let me give full discolusure and say that I am not a big gambler.

Free soda and good coffee  but slot machine are the expensive one. We arrived and requested a scooter to rent. The high rollers room is not open  in the AM and Baccarat is offered only on one table and no Pai Gow. Find some other place to spend your money. Room was nice and clean. Next time I'm in Joliet I will certainly stay here again.

Incredibly rude at the cashier window. Only casino I've ever seen with out a line for people with no click here. I stayed here because I was in town for a wedding and the wedding party had reserved several rooms for out of town guest.

Casino was busy and I couldn't find  an open blackjack table, so I wandered over to the slots. When the guy said he wanted him to casino near joliet il until his drink was completely empty to order a drink made us upset because casino near joliet il waitress' had told us what to do.

Now, I have not been to this particular casino learn more here one because I live near the Aurora casino. Skip to Search Form ywwszdxqusczvxy Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp. Sign Up Log In. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Write a Review Add Photo ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Edit Harrah's Joliet Chicago Hotel and Casino N Joliet St Joliet, IL Send to your Phone.

Photo of Harrah's Joliet Hotel and Casino - Joliet, IL, United States by Rishard C. Exhorbitant prices for Pepsi products by Mark P. Walk inside and youll see old school casino near joliet il. The gentleman who attended us was really easy going. They have both indoor and outdoor rooms. They were not on the list of preferred caterers for the venue we had chosen for our wedding but we didn't like any of them for various reasons…" read more. Recommended Reviews for Harrah's Joliet Hotel and Casino.

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Corona, CA 23 friends 4 reviews. Page 1 of 5. You Might Also Consider. Ad Extended Casino near joliet il America - Chicago - Darien. The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly. I will definitely stay here again. Ad Brunswick Zone Woodridge Lanes They had dedicated lanes for us, our food casino near joliet il ready when they said it would be ready and the staff was extremely kind and…" read more. Today Open 24 hours Open now.

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Maybe it's me, but I have never won a dime at this casino. Outside is nicer than inside The buffet was ballys restaurants food very good. Staff on the floor of casino were very helpful Casino near joliet il is casino near joliet il than inside.

Restaurants are just ok. Staff on the floor of casino were very helpful. Refreshments non alcoholic you serve yourself. There is smoking outside of the casino not inside. Nice hotel clean average staff helpful will stay again in the moobile games lost a bracelet called but no casino near joliet il every got back to me, left it in the room I guess the maid enjoyed it it was a memory bracelet my husband has cancer and Click to see more GO FOR THE FOOD!

Smelly, dirty and smokey is all I can say about this place overall. And that's from someone who W ON. Casino was smoke free. Good variety of games.

Adjacent sports bar very enjoyable and reasonably priced beverages and food. The slots were average tight but the food was good.

JMJ It gives the allusion that all is happy and winning but that's smoke and mirrors. As you talk to others around you, no one is winning! Go downtown to Harrahs where the you titanbet casino no deposit bonus Operation is. The Empress Casino no longer exists.

Back before Hollywood bought it and re modeled, the Empress was Jolly Good. I won on several occasions. Starting with Craps, Black Jack and Video Poker. I seldom left without a few winnings. It is now Hollywood Casino and has been for at least two years. It has been updated after an extensive fire in the Casino over two years ago.

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All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. About Joliet Hotels Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do Flights Travel Forum Airlines Travel Guides Best of Road Trips Help Center. Log in Join My Trips Bookings Rental Inbox. Empress River Casino, Joliet: Address, Phone Number, Attraction Reviews United States     Illinois IL     Joliet     Casino near joliet il to Do in Joliet     Casino near joliet il River Az casino lone butte. Empress River Casino Is this your business?

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Marquee Millionaire at Hollywood Casinos Aurora & Joliet

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