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Remember     New member. What's nex t favori t e movie? Join our movie c o mmuni t y to f i this web page out. Life of Pi Casino Royale Blu-ray English, English SDH, French, Spanish less.

Blu-ray rating Video 4. Blu-ray user rating Video 4. For more about Casino Royale and the Casino Royale Blu-ray, see Casino Royale Blu-ray Review published by Greg Maltz on October 26, where this Blu-ray release scored 4.

Neal PurvisRobert WadePaul HaggisIan Fleming Starring: Casino Royale Blu-ray Review The reissue features an extra disc of bonus content and a Dolby TrueHD audio track to replace the previous PCM. Reviewed by Greg MaltzOctober 26, As excitement builds for the second film in the rebooted saga, Quantum of SolaceSony has revisited its prequel, Casino Royale. Boasting a two-disc release with a Dolby TrueHD audio track, the "Collector's Edition" also adds BD Live capability, picture-in-picture, more bonus content than you can watch in one sitting, and an e-Movie cash offer toward a Quantum casino royal blu ray Solace ticket.

But the best thing about the new edition Blu-ray release may not be the bevy casino royal blu ray bonuses. It could be the different audio track more on that later. Or maybe it's simply the celebration of the franchise reboot starring Daniel Craig, the actor many critics believe bet soccer games online be closest to the original Ian Fleming character. Of all the previous Bonds, Craig is the first to have the boorish personality and ruthlessness of Fleming's casino royal blu ray. The new Bond can still come off as charming or funny when the situation dictates it.

But one cannot escape the more solitary, physical demeanor of Craig's extrem betting pages infolge Humor, sophistication, and passion are not in his nature. Those attributes seem to come about by casino royal blu ray accident, unlike Sean Connery's Bond, or any of the other predecessors who focused more on charm than on the real characteristics of Fleming's spy.

The rebooted series would do away with this suave charade once and for all and start the spy off where Fleming himself started: Upon earning double-0 status, he wastes little time in exercising his license to kill. The movie not only updates Bond, but takes his story to present day. The spy from 60 years ago is now brought firmly within the new millennium with cell phones, laptops, satellite surveillance and a plot revolving around the funding of terrorism.

The film shows Blu-ray discs used to backup video surveillance at a security office, along with Ericsson phones and VAIO computers. At times, it seems like an extended Sony ad, but Sony's product placements are all in the flow of the story.

Bond is simultaneously revved up with casino royal blu ray foot chases and brutal hand-to-hand combat scenes while being casino royal blu ray down, with none of the gadgets, fancy torture devices or silly frills of the earlier films. After the credits roll, the opening chase casino royal blu ray featuring free-runner Sebastien Foucan, playing a bomb-maker, is hands-down the most ballsy, physically demanding action sequence in any feature.

One might expect the rest of the movie to be a letdown after that, but it isn't. The airport chase scene and brutal adventures in Venice, Italy prove every bit as riveting, while the epic scenes and vistas in the Bahamas and Montenegro are as gorgeous as any earlier James Bond film, and the psychology behind the card games make for good spectator sport.

Even the villain of Casino Click the following article is better than the pretentious bad-guys from continue reading Bond movies. Le Chiffre Mads Mikkelsen is sinister by virtue of his business securing terrorist funds, his bleeding eye, cool demeanor and gambling skills. When it comes time for the showdown between Le Chiffre and Bond, Casino Royale does away with boring car chases, boat chases, plane chases, elaborate schemes and other frills that go nowhere and focuses instead on a stark torture scene that delivers casino royal blu ray into the characters.

Some Blu-ray fans were casino royal blu ray that the Collector's Edition did not include the extended cut of casino royal blu ray film or special packaging. The two discs are simply included in a standard plastic BD case with no booklet or other content of interest. While the extras are a clear step up and the video content is the same, I found the audio to be significantly better--particularly the score--which surprised me considering my usual preference for lossless PCM over Dolby TrueHD.

Being audio-obsessed, I found the slight upgrade fully justified the for me, but it's more difficult to recommend the Collector's Edition to others. For the average Blu-ray collector who already owns the first Casino Royale release, I can't in good conscience recommend the new edition, knowing that it offers no video upgrade and that the initial release was a quality effort from Sony.

Use the casino royal blu ray up and thumbs down icons to casino royal blu ray or disagree that the title is similar to Casino Click here. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Casino Royale in the search box below. James Bond represents a casino royal blu ray that many people want to live and few can afford. As the world's top secret agent, gets to travel the world to exotic locations, making use of his fast cars and cool gadgets to save the world over and over again with just Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that they will bring 'Casino Royale: Collector's Edition' to Blu-ray on October 21st, day-and-date casino royal blu ray the DVD release.

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Portions of this review also appear in our Blu-ray review of 'Casino Royale' Collector's Edition. The last few years -- no, make that the last few casino royal blu ray -- have been trying times for even the most dedicated James Bond fans. Ever since the vintage days of Sean Connery, the lament has been the same: Why do they keep hiring bland, forgettable actors to play ?

What happened to all the sind slotaway live chat Übung, excitement and seriousness of the early years? And why can't they at least get someone to compose a decent Bond theme song? It is as if after decades of fan griping, bad reviews and pop culture tongue-lashings, the Bond producers finally realized that, despite continued blockbuster grosses, their beloved franchise has long since become a punch line.

As much as I've enjoyed various post-Connery entries, from the silly if spirited Roger Moore years to the better williams betting the far-too-outlandish Pierce Brosnan era, let's face it -- when was the last time seemed like anything but a dated anachronism? By going back to basics -- and back to the beginning -- the Bond producers have finally given the character the reboot he so desperately deserved. Dusting off casino royal blu ray Royale,' the first Ian Fleming Bond novel, it's year zero for He's lean, mean, hungry, fresh with his license to kill and, at times, even inept.

He is, as "M" Judi Dench describes him, a "blunt instrument. The story is complex, but vintage Bond. Newly granted status, James' first assignment is to spy on a terrorist and bomb maker, Mollaka Sebastien Foucan. After the mission goes bad, he's led to Le Chiffre Mads Mikkelsenbanker to the world's top terrorist organizations. Secret Service intelligence reveals that Le Chiffre is planning to raise money in a high-stakes poker game at the "Le Casino Royale.

But Bond will get caught up in his own game, when he meets the seductive Vesper Lynd Eva Green. Stealing his smarts as well casino royal blu ray his heart, she will become the only woman ever to make him distrust his alliances casino royal blu ray his government and his job. The game soon plays itself out in unexpected ways, and Bond learns that in the spy business -- as in poker -- you never know who you can trust.

Why 'Casino Royale' works where so many of the previous Bond films failed is because it at last restores a sense of urgency and consequence to the proceedings. Hardly the cool hilton caribbean resort casino unflappable comedian of the Moore years, or even the ruggedly calm, charming casino royal blu ray perfected by Connery, this Bond is fallible, clumsy and even blockheaded.

He has no gadgets to rely on, no over-the-top villain to foil, and he yet has found a Bond girl he enough that he's willing to jeopardize his entire life.

Bond hasn't been this vulnerable since the last great film in the franchise, 's vastly underrated 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Dropping the ridiculous, CGI-laden extravagances of the Brosnan entries which reached their nadir when Bond went para-surfing off of a digital cliff in read article 'Die Article source Day''Royale' is rugged and rough.

The action sequences here are simply incredible. The early Madagascar foot-race sequence is a tour de force of choreography, movement, camera placement and pacing -- it's simply fantastic. The sequence where Bond attempts to sabotage a airport bomber is also a stand-out. Even the casino sequences are oddly exciting, because we know the stakes, and they're high -- I never would have thought two people playing poker could be so riveting.

You may have noticed that I've gotten to the end of this review without speaking those two casino royal blu ray It's a testament to 'Casino Royale' that it probably would have been the finest Bond film in eons, on every level -- writing, direction, action, sexiness -- regardless of the Bond actor who played him. But Craig defied all the skeptics and casino royal blu ray a surprisingly vociferous group of online detractors absolutely wrong.

He is, for my money, the only actor since Casino royal blu ray to completely own the role. He mixes sexiness, swagger, irony and even a sprinkling of brute vulgarity to create an interpretation that transcends the cliches. Though perhaps Green as Bong girl Lynd is a bit too young for Craig, we never once doubt that Bond is in love with her. It's this web page heart of the story, and at last, Craig allows us to see the heart of Bond.

Together go here the talent and dedication put into 'Royale,' it finally restores the lost luster to a once mighty, grand franchise.

They've been saying it at the end of every outing for years now Recently overtaking HD DVD in terms of total unit sales for the first time since launch, Blu-ray is enjoying the sales edge, and casino royal blu ray big title like 'Casino Royale' should only help solidify that lead. If Sony doesn't deliver with this one, it would not be fatal to the format, but it certainly would rank as a major disappointment.

To be honest, I like this transfer, but I don't love it. But it also looks a bit digital and artificial. I'm certainly all for the filmmaker's intent, but even if that is the case here, I can't deny that the sheer level of detail rarely reaches the heights of the best Blu-ray titles I've enjoyed, and though the image does have pop, I wasn't consistently blown away. The credits take off with the typically bombastic Bond theme song, and it looks fantastic.

Colors are rich, vivid and stable. And the sense of depth and three-dimensionality -- even though we're talking animation here -- is wonderful. Unfortunately, after that, I couldn't hlep but feel a bit deflated. The film has been shined up like a new penny, and truly sparkles. Blacks are excellent, and colors are vibrant. But contrast consistently runs hot, enough so that the image looks routinely blown-out and unrealistic.

Colors often feel oversaturated. Fleshtones just click look natural, and aside from extreme close-ups, I often could not detect realistic skin textures -- everyone looks painted orange. Dark scenes are actually better -- contrast isn't so distracting, casino royal blu ray the film's use of cooler blues pays off with a more film-like, pleasing appearance.

The actual card-playing centerpiece of the middle of the film is also quite nice, and a respite from the earlier, more sun-drenched exteriors, such as the Madagascar chase sequence that, again. Detail can be fairly strong, but again, the flushed hues and bright whites flatten out the image and it doesn't have absolute top-notch depth. Without a doubt, 'Casino Royale' is always watchable and has moments of true grandeur. But is it the five-star transfer we've all been hoping for?

Alas, for me, it was not. While I may have qualms about this disc's video transfer, it is far harder to find fault with the audio. Sony serves up another uncompressed PCM 5. This is a James Bond film, so we expect nothing less than gangbusters sound design, and sure enough, we get it.

The filmmaking team behind the franchise know that their bread and butter is the kind of action that sets trends, and there are some back-to-basics, non-CGI sequences here that are truly death-defying.

The sonic highlights in 'Casino Royale' are by far the early Madagascar foot chase, the airport interception and the climactic collapse of the building in Venice. Each provides first-rate demo material. Dynamic range is wide and powerful. Deep bass rumbles just listen to that airplane take off -- it's a stunner. And the attention to fine detail to discrete effects is flawless.

Imaging between channels excels casino royal blu ray is near-transparent, with casino royal blu ray very effective wall of sound created during the most intense action moments. When the bullets fly, 'Casino Royale' doesn't disappoint. The film's less bombastic moments also hold source. I like the use of subtle ambiance at times -- listen for the soft lull of crickets in the rears as Bond seduces Http:// early on -- and the typically lush Bond score can also nicely swell up when needed.

Dialogue is nicely balanced, with only Daniel Craig's most mumbled lines needing any assist in volume matching. I suppose my only nitpick is a desire for a little more creativity in the sound casino royal blu ray I had hoped for something casino royal blu ray in terms of sound effects on the opening, famous "gun barrel" shotbut having said that, I really can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this soundtrack.

Casino royal blu ray Bond films have been re-tooled, re-issued, re-packaged, re-mastered and re- everything'd on video so many times now that's been a punchline almost as long as the line, "shaken, not stirred. Let's face it, we all know this is only the first version of many more to come, as Bond equals library gold for the movie studio.

What we do get here is a collection of featurettes that basically serve as an introduction to the Bond universe, and will probably play best for casual fans. Daniel Craig is also front and center here, as the extras largely casino royal blu ray his controversial debut as the character. The quality of the HD material is great, aside from some rough footage here or there, which looks like an i upconvert.

But kudos for Sony for continuing to push full HD on their Blu-ray extras. Though the narration has that cheesy, breathless EPK tone to it, the wealth of video diary footage, and a new interview with a very scruffy Craig, elevates it high above the mundane. Among the highlights are surprisingly frank interviews with Bond overseers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, director Martin Campbell, screenwriters Paul Haggis, Please click for source Purvis and Robert Wade, and co-star Eva Green complete with distracting bulging neckline.

No one denies that casting Craig was a gamble, as was going back to basics and abandoning the much-criticized but highly-profitable Pierce Brosnan era.

Casino royal blu ray also liked the footage of Craig's nervous first day on the set, and the host of still photographs of the late Ian Fleming which I've never seen before. No, this is not a huge, sprawling documentary, but it is far better than you might expect. Next is "James Bond: The same participants again show up, and all the material see more culled from the same footage used for "Becoming Bond.

The stunts in link Royale' are fantastic -- this is all on-set, real-time craziness that blew me out of read article theater seat -- but this doc is a bit too technical for my taste. Regardless, action fans will love this one. The last featurette is actually a TV learn more here. No' and a very classy Honor Blackman, who is hysterical talking about her "lesbian" Pussy Galore from 'Goldfinger,' to Roger Moore foils Jane Seymour Solitaire, 'Live von bet365 in usa lassen Let Die' and Lois Chiles Holly Goodhead, 'Moonraker' see more, to Academy Award-winner Halle Berry Jinx, 'Die Another Day'.

Maryam D'Abo of 'The Living Daylights' hosts and, while yeah, this is just a regurgitated TV special, I was highly entertained throughout. Rounding out the extras is a music video for Chris Cornell's "You Wirkung betyetu betting site dieser My Name.

Is it a Bond theme classic? But at least it's better than a-Ha's "The Living Daylights. Sadly, there is no theatrical trailer or teaser for 'Casino Royale' included, only spots for Sony Blu-ray releases ' The Pursuit of Happyness ,' ' Rocky Balboa ' and ' Stranger Than Fiction.

James Bond is back. Daniel Craig truly has defied the punters and emerged as -- yes, wait for it -- the best Bond since Sean Connery.

This Blu-ray release is a bit more problematic. I liked the solid enough transfer, but I didn't love it. I also enjoyed the extras, though it seems pretty clear Sony will double-dip this one casino royal blu ray. The disc does sound fantastic, however, and overall it's a very fine disc.

Will that be enough to meet fans highly inflated expectations? But if casino royal blu ray a Bond fan at all, or even have been turned off by the recent, highly ridiculous entries in the series, this is still a must-watch -- especially in high-def.

All disc reviews at High-Def Digest are completed using the best consumer HD home theater products currently on the market. More about our gear. Puzzled by the technical jargon in our reviews, or wondering how we assess and rate HD DVD and Blu-ray discs?

Casino royal blu ray about our review methodology. Founded in AprilHigh-Def Digest is the ultimate guide for High-Def enthusiasts who demand learn more here the best that money can buy. Updated daily and in real-time, we track all casino royal blu ray disc news and release dates, and review the latest disc titles. Blu-ray Ultra HD Gaming. Casino royal blu ray Gaming HD Gear.

Blu-ray Ultra HD Gaming HD Gear. Blu-ray Ultra HD Games. Home Blu-ray Casino Royale Blu-ray Recommended 3. March 13th, Reviewed by: Peter Bracke Review Date: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Length: Rated PG Release Country United States. Editor's Notes Portions of this review also appear in our Blu-ray review of 'Casino Royale' Collector's Edition. Our Reviewer's Take The last few years -- no, make that the last few decades -- have been trying times for even the most dedicated James Bond casino royal blu ray. Sizing Up the Picture 'Casino Royale' hits Blu-ray at a crucial time for casino royal blu ray format.

Rating the Sound While Casino royal blu ray may have qualms about this disc's video transfer, it is far harder to find fault with the audio. Digging Into the Good Stuff The Bond films have been re-tooled, re-issued, re-packaged, re-mastered and re- everything'd on video so many times now that's been a punchline almost as long as the line, "shaken, not stirred. Any Exclusive Goodies in There? There are no Blu-ray content exclusives included. Final Casino royal blu ray James Bond is back.

Exclusive HD Content None. User comments Click here to view comments on this review. LATEST REVIEWS BLU-RAY ULTRA HD. Kill Switch 3 Stars. Song to Song - 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray 3 Stars.

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