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Linsenäquator in die Linsenkapsel und später an derselben Stelle in. Das sind umgerechnet 68 Cent casinos yuma arizona Gramm. Die Landesvertretungen sind regionale Ansprechpartner für Politiker, bei Operationen und Ruhigstellung z?

Browse Hotel in Yuma & save money with our Best Price Guarantee as well as Book online Best Western InnSuites Yuma Mall Hotel & Suites in AZ.

If you stay on gaming floor longer than 30 minutes casinos yuma arizona will smell like smoke the next day!! Scroll down to gamin. Floor learn more here for more details Rooms 1 star!! The beds are uncomfortable and lumpy. The bedding smells like dirty water sometimes. I've stayed here over a dozen times the last two years casino in middletown ca the beds are uncomfortable as the first time.

The air conditioner in the rooms can't seem to keep up with the hot weather. The air conditioner casinos yuma arizona me up sometimes because it's loud when it's on and it powers down all the way every minutes it seems like.

The food is very good at all the restaurants even the snack bar. It's nice they have a Starbucks next to snack bar to. The buffets are awesome when their Open all the food is well priced and so are drinks. Theirs a sea food buffet only in weekend that's out of this world which I highly recommend. Outdoor pool 5 stars!! Two words Lazy River!! The pool hasn't been opened much the casinos yuma arizona 6 months because of renovations but even casinos yuma arizona it's open a limited time during the year and casinos yuma arizona certain casinos yuma arizona. Gaming floor 2 stars!

Theirs just click for source many table games, craps tables are gone now and even when it was there they don't have enough staff that casinos yuma arizona how to run it. The read article games that are there only half are open even during peak times.

It's mainly just slot machines available. Live poker forget about it non existent!! Their been a couple times that they've had one full table. They have a great poker room but only ONE table is used.

Now for the big one SMOKE from cigarettes wow!! They need to do a way better job or get better casinos yuma arizona to get the smoke out of there and get some air circulation on there.

I've been to vegas plenty of times and even in vegas I don't smell that bad the next day. The most inefficient check in process I've ever had to deal with.

Granted it's a Friday. But there was just me at that time. I know some people say the check in staff is nice. But I don't think they're doing casinos yuma arizona they can to make guests feel welcome, or warm and fuzzy. Waiting thirty minutes to check in today was unacceptable in my book. But casinos yuma arizona been completely unhappy with this, I must say, the 2-queen bed room was clean, and looked ok not great.

I can't help but compare, albeit unfairly, this current room I'm in, with the suite that I stayed in last time I was here. That room had a very nice view of the lazy casinos yuma arizona, which was in the "evens" side of the hallway vs my current room which was an odd number. But why bother come here at all, you ask. The steakhouse is good.

The less formal Sidewinder hat casino fraude das some really delicious tapas-styled small appetizers. And there's live music--at least on the nights that I have gone. Casinos yuma arizona downside of having loud music, though, is you can give up on having a quiet and intimate conversation with your loved one.

Or just come stay for the lazy river. Lazy river pool is relaxing, food in the pool side cafe was decent. Danny at the front during checkout was kind, along with valet. The hotel is not properly maintained. Beds are terribly uncomfortable and need to replaced with new ones, furniture, pillows and linens are very worn.

Tiles and grout are casinos yuma arizona off the betwinn. Casinos yuma arizona has been replaced since the hotel has opened check this out many woodbine slots ago.

I called in 2 hours before check in casinos yuma arizona asked if we could get a room early. The lady at front desk said no, we have none available but call back in 30 minutes.

I thought okay, totally understandable. We just drove 4 hours with two kids, can we take them to the pool while we wait since your hotel is literally in the middle of no where?

The girl rudely said, "oh my God" and I said ummm, are you talking to me? She said no, you can't go to casinos yuma arizona pool. It's a liability issue and hung up.

So we went in to town to grab lunch and came back 20 minutes before check in and the 2 ladies at the front told us rooms are still not ready. There were about 60 people waiting for their room.

So, we waited in a 30 minute line to check in and we're treated very poorly. Front desk had the absolute worst attitude. The worst customer service I have ever experienced not only at a hotel, but a place of business. Our actual room featured clumps of hair in the bathroom, a dead cockroach in the doorway, and under the tv stand and bed has never been cleaned.

Since I have a 1 year old, I have to look for things she can get in to and I found a small pill under the bed, a straw and a marble. Let's just say, I won't be staying here again. Advice to "the Q": Don't be so narrow minded. Replace the witches in front with friendly, helpful employees. Totally get that there's no rooms available for early check in but be accommodating.

Offer the pool and if it's a liability issue, have guests sign a liability waiver. It's not rocket science, I casinos yuma arizona have ordered lunch and drinks for my family of 4 and my husband would have gambled away his life savings, instead we were pissed off standing in line and you guys miss out on revenue.

This spot looks bigger from the outside. No crap tables for anyone who has an appreciation for dice throwing and no here. Small area for card players and mostly machines.

Cafe that closes early and a food court with a reasonable size variety menu. Small lounge area near entrance for smokers and people that take a break or just wait on someone. However spot looks very clean article source with rooms for folks that wish to stay the night.

Nice bar area that has live music according to their schedule. Nice spot to share drinks and hear some live tunes. This location is not my preference but better than their local competitors.

This was rare prime rib last night. A little chewy but good flavor on the edge. Wasn't as tasty as my picture indicates see previous review or as cheap, although I think the quality of beef declined.

Broccoli was still yummy even with the butter-flavored sauce. So was baked potato, but they forgot the bacon and chives I casinos yuma arizona extra casinos yuma arizona and gave me a handful of "whipped spread" margarine when I asked for butter. I did a little gambling after arriving on Wed, and went back to the room rather late that night.

I was unable to get the TV to turn on and figured it might be due to the goo, gunk, and fuzz stuck in and around the buttons on the remote. I traded it for a different one at the front desk that casinos yuma arizona only in slightly better shape; still no luck with the TV. Attempting to make a cup this web page tea, I almost lost my lunch when I opened visit web page coffee maker to heat the water.

Check my photo s if you have a strong stomach. The shameful state of the coffee maker made me take a closer look around the room. Under the bedskirt was a nasty, used lip balm, and large bottle of prescription medicine a strong antibiotic: There was also a peach pit plainly visible under the TV stand. By that point, I couldn't get out of that hotel fast enough.

Not what I wanted casinos yuma arizona do at that hour with no where to go! Asking to speak to a manager, I was told she would be in later that morning. I emailed casinos yuma arizona photos I am casinos yuma arizona here to the lady on shift that night, and asked her to forward them to her manager.

I did get a call the next morning offering an apology,and was also told I would not be charged for the previous night How generous of you! She also said since my players rewards qualified me for a free room, I wouldn't be charged for my suite one night of the 2 I had it reserved.

I would have canceled but it was my grand daughters request for her birthday. The whole experience was so insulting. My family and I meet there regularly and we don't scrimp. We make many trips to the cafe for countless pizzas, drinks, ice cream, drinks from the bar, we tip, and we gamble It would have been nothing for them to comp me both nights for the pool suite, and would have meant alot to me.

Customer service FAIL, in my opinion. In all honesty, I casinos yuma arizona think they care in the least little bit; the gaming sells itself; people will come no matter what quality service they offer.

That night, I casinos yuma arizona up driving about 20 miles casinos yuma arizona Cocopah Casino and Resort and so glad I did. The price was extremely reasonable, the room was CLEAN, they offer breakfast, and had a business center I needed to use.

The staff was friendly and helpful as well. It's a no-brainer where I'll be staying from now on. First time here and wow I was not greeted at all at the front desk. The front desk receptionist Cassandara was extremely rude. She asked me for a players card, which I don't have, said my rate was going to be more because I didn't have that. Then she rudely told me that the lazy river was not working I told her that was the reason why we came. My daughter wanted to get in the lazy river. She rudely asked me "so what do you want me to do?

Do you want me to cancel it or what? We are coming from 10 hours away and have no need for such rude people to be talking to us like that I asked her where was my room Unbelievably bad front desk service!!!!! The customer service at this resort is non existent.

I am sitting at the main bar waiting for food to click be remade and casinos yuma arizona one bartender has even looked my way. Joke Let me preface this review using four words, casinos yuma arizona expletives: Male Bovine Fecal Matter! We have made the round-trip between Phoenix and San Diego countless times, and we always stop and dine at Yuma.

We've basically eaten at every type of restaurant and fast food everywhere within the confines of Yuma city proper. This Casinos yuma arizona had previously and continually beckoned to us, being in the middle of nowhere.

This time around, we finally opted to stop casinos yuma arizona see what the draw was with this establishment, and we wanted to give either their buffet or restaurant s a try. When we arrived, we made an attempt to valet park. However, the valet was nowhere to be found. We then just self-parked, and walked through the main entrance. As we opened the primary set of doors that separate the main facility from the exterior, we were immediately greeted by the dreadful scent of stale cigarette casinos yuma arizona. Okay, no big deal.

We've been to Las Vegas countless times and this is nothing new to us. Let's just give this place a look see, grab a bite to eat, and continue on with our journey. The primary flagship restaurant was closed. Does that go with the limited number of patrons that we were seeing right now, which was basically NO ONE? After walking around the casino floor just to casinos yuma arizona what they had to offer, and it was apparent that were was click to see more anyone here.

At this point, we came to the conclusion that we had seen enough, and we had given this place ample opportunity to present some type of enticement to wandering strangers. Never again will we ever stop and wonder what this place has to offer. Its offering definitely equates to nothing that we would ever be interested in! Was at the pool in the afternoon into the evening, went to gamble. Came up to my room and took a bath.

The lights were off for a more relaxing atmosphere. I turned on the lights to dry off. Water was draining and I noticed a dark line in the tub. Rubbed it and came off. I was totally disgusted. Whoever cleaned the room did not scrub the bathtub. Alex came up and I showed him the tub. He casinos yuma arizona to move me to another room "at no extra charge" casinos yuma arizona would you even charge me to move me to another room???

Makes me wonder if they even vacuumed and sanitized the floor, sink and commode. Next time I decide to rent a room, I will make sure housekeeping scrubs it before I enter. Eher unibet apuestas den sure if I will even stay here again. Oh and laying there I was even more disgusted so I checked out with the manager Alex. Will call tomorrow to casinos yuma arizona with guest relations or someone with more authority.

Casino drive can I say? Casinos yuma arizona like smoke, takes your money, and full of old people. Stopped here on the way back from the NASCAR race in Avondale, Arizona. The casinos yuma arizona and I make a game out of it and try to stop at three or four casinos on the way home. Casinos yuma arizona one did us alright. But with the amenities it's worth the fee.

Each room comes with a coffee pot, hair dryer and safe. They do not have refrigerators. The ice is in the 3rd and 5th floors. We were on the 4th floor. Oh well it wasn't that bad. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. We will stay here again. The swimming pool area is wonderful!!!! You'll like it here.

For years my family and I have always passed this casino on our way to the river and casinos yuma arizona always wanted to stay at the hotel. Quechan resort casinos yuma arizona right off the freeway so it is easy to get there.

The casino is nice but definitely smokey enough to burn your throat and eyes. Luckily for us, the rooms were smoke free and we were able to get 3 rooms all together.

Casinos yuma arizona there is only one elevator, and our rooms were at the opposite end, all the way at the casinos yuma arizona of the hallway. There are only two ice machines 3rd and 5th floors so if you are bringing your own ice chest, hope you are on one of those floors rooms do not have refrigerators. Now on to the room itself: The bathroom is split so the toilet and shower are in their own separate area.

Toiletries are Bath and Body Works in the scent Rainkissed Leaves, which smells casinos yuma arizona and fresh. One thing to note: There was an inch of dust on the headboard, making the casinos yuma arizona headboard casinos yuma arizona appear white.

Also, MAKE SURE YOU RUN HOT WATER THROUGH THE KEURIG BEFORE USE!!! My husband ran a cup of water through casinos yuma arizona Keurig to make sure it was clean and it came out YELLOW with CHUNKS www treasure island casino it!!!

He casinos yuma arizona it through 3 more times before it came out clear Casinos yuma arizona all nice stay, just don't expect super clean rooms. This review is about the manager Monique. My family and I have been coming for the past 7 years and the service has rapidly declined. Instead of coming to relax and enjoy, casinos yuma arizona staff is extremely strict on everything. We arrived today on and right as we were going to get into the pool, they closed it down because a kid didn't make it to the restroom.

Understandable, not the hotels fault. But casinos yuma arizona we spoke to the manager Monique to see if maybe she could accommodate us with something to occupy our time with, she was extremely rude. She spoke casinos yuma arizona upon us and once she noticed we were upset, she continued casinos yuma arizona harass us and asked for our room number.

We gave her the room number and she link in an angry tone that she wasn't going to try or do anything for us.

She had extremely bad customer service and I don't think my entire family and I aren't returning for or next family reunion. Review written by Jim's wife: Stayed here several times. It's a 3 hour drive for us from Phoenix suburb to casino. We have a Player's card so get a room rate reduction.

The main reason we stay here is the close proximity to Los Algodonas. Last visited there March 31, for the Smokey Robinson concert. Casinos yuma arizona theater-style seating in ballroom but everyone has good seats and view. We have eaten at the upscale steakhouse restaurant and had very good click here and service there. Buffet area now not a buffet very often. We eat breakfast there but that's it. Ventilation system needs improvement.

It gets smoky and the next day we must have smelled like the bottom of a dirty ashtray. If Vegas can do it then The Q can do it! We don't use coffee pot in rooms EVER! Coffee in The Q anywhere is awful I'm not a Starbucks fan, either. It really doesn't matter which side of online casino paypal hotel you get your rooms. Not much of a view either way. One side is Parking lot and the other side looks over their" lazy river" and pool.

I've only floated in lazy river once and there were so many kids splashing and yelling that I decided not to do that again The best part for me is the wonderful smelling soap casinos yuma arizona shampoo in the rooms! Don't know what it is but it smells so fresh and earthy! My hubby likes the craps tables. Check in and out quick and convenient. I see there have been some complaints about rude staff but that has never happened to us or any of our friends.

The only time I've seen what could be interpreted as that is when the customer was intoxicated, belligerent or insisting on something that they could do something that is clearly against the rules. You've disappointed me this morning! My husband and I decided to order room service this morning before we left the hotel. We ordered our meal a little after 9am. Check out is at 11am. We were told that our wait would be minutes.

We called room service again and they said that our food was on the way up The girl drops the food off. My husband tips her and she exited the room. She carted the food away and said she'd be back up with a manager. Mind you, she kept the tip This was at It is now I called the front desk and asked to speak to the manager. I spoke to her and explained the situation and told her that this was unacceptable.

She tells me, "I am only the manager for the hotel, you'll need to speak to a manager in food and beverage. She attempted to me, but I was disconnected.

I called room service and asked to speak to a manager. I also told her that I want room service charges removed from my bill.

She says, "I'm sorry, it's her first day on rhe job, she's doing the best she can, we will try to do better on your next visit. There won't be one. They could have at least given us a few meal vouchers, invited us to come and eat carte blanche at their empty cafe, a percentage off casinos yuma arizona our room, or something! They can definitely afford it! The part that killed me was the hotel manager's lack of concern about the incident.

Our time is valuable to us If they handle smaller issues this way, there is casinos yuma arizona telling how they would handle larger issues. I'll spend my money elsewhere. Arrived for a concert that we paid for and the music lasted only 1 hour. Obviously the casino puts on there concerts only to bring people there.

Then we went to a bar also inside the casino and was treated very rudely by the waitress, all night. I would not recommend ths place to anyone who is looking casinos yuma arizona fun. You have to check out at I had 3 hotels in the middle of the week, it was dead. The management has to be the rudest people ever, I ask for a late check out from so called jasmine. She was so rude to me.

I have my old parents with me and all I needed was one room to till 2: The hotel is boring the casino doesn't have much casinos yuma arizona panbet. Management also told me they don't care about reviews and our business. There is a nicer hotel just down the street, don't stay here, they don't care about how they casinos yuma arizona check this out business. What can I say bout this place?

Nice decent food, both good and bad experiences, In a nutshell, here they are Lazy-river pools; you can use the free inner tubes and just float away, or swim in the 'normal part of the pool. Normal fare for casinos; I'm not a casino auteur.

But I played some, had fun. You load monies on those cards, and use them at the machines. Watching shows here in the big rooms I heard was nice; my wife and I have viewed bands in the lounge area, which also has a small dance floor in front of the stage, had a good time. The food in the lounge is good, but what brought that home was the nacho plate.

I've been to two nice military balls held here; the waitstaff wasn't very accommodating, and the main courses were less-than good Too bad, nice casino.

But, we'll be back for the nachos and the pool. Already have a sour taste, and we haven't even checked in. I called this morning to ask if we could play in the pool with our kids prior to getting our room. The young lady on the phone said yes, check in was at 3pm, but they could issue is pool passes.

After driving from San Diego, we arrived around 1: I walked in to ask about the pool passes, and the gentleman at casinos yuma arizona desk said that the policy had changed and that they don't issue pool passes prior to check in. So I asked if it would be possible to check in a little early, to which I was told that housekeeping hadn't cleared any of the rooms for check in yet Off to a rough start already, but we'll see how it goes.

Quechan Casino Resort Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. It's not rocket science, I would have ordered lunch and drinks for my family of 4 and my husband would have  gambled away his life savings, instead we were pissed off standing in casinos yuma arizona you guys miss out on revenue.

However spot looks very clean  comes with rooms for folks that wish to stay the night. Let me preface this review using four words, sans expletives: They could have casinos yuma arizona least given us a few meal vouchers, invited us to come and eat carte blanche at their empty cafe,  a percentage off of our room, or something! Skip to Search Form sarevydvubacxy Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Yelp. Sign Up Log In. Quechan Casino Resort Claimed. This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

DetailsOpens a popup Rating details. Write a Review Add Photo ShareOpens a popup BookmarkOpens a popup. Edit Algodones Rd Winterhaven, CA Send to your Phone. Photo of Quechan Casino Resort - Winterhaven, CA, United States by Pam Casinos yuma arizona. Pool side by Casinos yuma arizona R.

I will casinos yuma arizona to click here here and I will continue to recommend it as a great place to eat. The owners, this web page, need to know that the service…" read more.

Recommended Reviews for Quechan Casino Resort. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Search within the reviews. Yelp Sort Newest First Oldest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated Elites. As good as it gets! Aurora, IL 1 friend 50 reviews 56 photos. Was this review …? Useful Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Want to chime in? Yuma, AZ 32 friends 88 reviews photos.

Westminster, CA 36 friends 11 reviews 1 photo. Stop following Shannon W. Phoenix, AZ 9 friends 50 reviews 67 photos. Not a lot of marbling here Useful 1 Funny Cool Others will see casino free you vote!

Pacific Grove, CA 11 friends 12 reviews 8 photos. Peach pit in plain Soledad, CA 2 friends 11 reviews 13 photos. Stop following Chelly A. Yorba Linda, CA 0 friends 23 reviews.

Stop following Stephen A. Imperial, CA friends 12 reviews photos. Scum in the bathtub. El Mirage, AZ 13 friends 3 reviews 2 photos. Stop following Connie R. Alpine, CA 1 friend 18 reviews 12 photos.

Clean water came out yellow!!! Clean water came out yellow from Keurig. Santa Ana, CA 2 friends 9 reviews. Stop following Giovanna R. Surprise, AZ 2 friends 8 reviews 2 photos. Quick shot of the exterior. Don't forget to get one of these babies for great discounts! Denver, CO 0 friends 3 reviews. Daytona Beach, FL 32 friends 5 reviews. Yuma, AZ 75 casinos yuma arizona reviews photos. Stop following Christopher J. Arverne, Queens, NY 1 friend 11 reviews. Page casinos yuma arizona of 5.

Today Open 24 hours Open now. Hours Mon Open 24 hours Tue Open 24 hours Wed Open 24 hours Thu Open 24 hours Fri Open 24 hours Open now Sat Open 24 hours Sun Open 24 hours Edit business info.

More business info Accepts Credit Cards Yes Accepts Apple Pay No Good for Kids No Wi-Fi Free. From the business Quechan Casino Resort offers luxury hotel rooms. Learn more about Quechan Casino ResortOpens a popup Specialties Quechan Casino Resort offers luxury hotel rooms. Historic Coronado Motor Hotel. Radisson Hotel - Yuma. Other Casinos Nearby Find more Casinos near Quechan Casino Resort. Browse nearby Restaurants Cafes Food Bars Shopping Hotels Landmarks Show all. People found Quechan Casino Resort by searching for… Things To Do Winterhaven.

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