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How to rig slot machines

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Are gaming machines in casinos fixed? There is constant folklore rumor and hearsay that the men in the camera rooms can make the roulette table wheel stop on certain numbers or colors using magnets if the customer is winning too much, or that slot machines are wired how to rig slot machines reward only the heavy spenders how to rig slot machines jackpots.

Anybody with the buis care to comment? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Trending Now Brock Osweiler Buffalo Bills Ben Affleck Ronna Romney McDaniel Spectrum Business Cards WWE SummerSlam Aretha Franklin Cleveland Cavaliers Office Desk Furniture. Click the following article, they are not. Also, they only worry if you are cheating to get the big win, say placing a bet after the number has come up in roulette or hiding cards on the table games or changing your bet when opportune.

Now there are some people who hit big and leave and don't come back, but usually if someone hits big they will come back to try their luck again. Most machine poker casino the time they want you to have fun and win all you want. Once at the casino I go to they had to pull all their black chips because they did not have enough money to cover that how to rig slot machines in vault- due to someone clearingon baccarat.

Gambling is Highly regulated, and that's good, because if a casino got a rep for fixing games then no one would play there and it would go bust. That is why the house doesn't rig it's games, one it already has a mathematical advantage and 2 it doesn't want to lose it's license and players have more fun and want to play more when they know it is a fair game.

And you can make some money just betting smaller amount opposite the other player. Let's say he bet on black then you go 50 on red and you will be winning more often than he. The only problem is that this is common knowledge between gamblers here and the players will be not happy when they will see what you doing at the table, so be careful. Jozef · 2 years ago. All I know how to rig slot machines, one of the local companies in the state where I live have a significantly lower payout rate when they give "door prizes" away.

This one company gives away "media more info flat screen TV, recliners in one big package, or a complete patio set complete with furniture and how to rig slot machines 2 thousand dollar grill, and when they do there casino royale musique a noticeable decrease in the number of their slot machine payouts.

I even saw one of the employees going around to each how to rig slot machines and doing something under the hood, and after that, payouts were virtually non-existent. It led me to the creation of how to rig slot machines slogan, "When we give things away, our machines don't pay. They also have daily drawings of bucks or more Again, keeping close tabs on the stats of the place, the findings seem to prove it. I'm convinced that companies do indeed fix their machines to accommodation their own schedules of prize giveaways, or some other promotion.

Rsp · 3 years ago. They are not fixed because they don't have to be! These machines are already set up from the beginning to TAKE your money, and not to give you any. If you play them long enough, that's exactly what they will do. Because they play more games! You might win 1 jackpot in your whole lifetime if you're lucky. I will probably win a jackpot once per year click the following article more. It how to rig slot machines have anything to do with the machines being "fixed".

It's basic mathematics - the how to rig slot machines you play, the more jackpots you will hit. Even with the jackpots added in, I STILL will LOSE TONS and TONS this web page money than you will lose because I'm playing so much! No casino owner in his or her right mind would ever risk their gaming license by cheating the players.

Casino owners don't need to do that. If you play any casino game over the longer run then eventually you will lose all of your money. Casino owners don't need to fix games or rig slot machines.

Ranger · 6 years ago. All machines now are controlled by microchips, and each machines odds can be controlled. There are winning machines, and losing machines, but you won't how to rig slot machines until you play. Your best how to rig slot machines is to play poker considered a game of skillBlackJack if you know a secret stratagyotherwise do yourself a read more and invest in something else like foreign stocks, or precious metals, before the US Dollar is crapped out.

David C · 6 years ago. Not the tables, but the slot machines - Yes, all of them are rigged and a management can turn on or off the payouts, not only the jackpots. If ANYONE who tells you that the management cannot change the payout on a machine, is probably a management or has been to casinos once or twice in their life time OR they just repeat what the management says. I am a VIP player at several casinos in Northern California. I have hundreds of thousands in jackpots, large or small at each casino.

I am registered as a professional gambler. Here is the short way of answering your question. As a NEW member, with casino reward car, you will win here and there. Only one in a million high rollers have a win loss statement that shows WIN. The casino not only can change the payouts, but they can also limit your winnings based on your players card. The casino has a "theoretical loss" expectation from its regular members.

If you do not lose as much as they expect, good luck winning anything. You've probably read somewhere that the hottest machines how to rig slot machines the ones which people play the most BULL SHor positioned near entrances another bull SHor facing other machines. The HOT machine is the one that the management decides to be at that given time. Stay away from the floor if there is some kind of a promotion within the next couple of hours. This is the tightest time. I've been to the casino when they were doing a million dollar giveaway in one Saturday night.

Like 10 Mercedes's, lots of cash, etc. At least 10, people showed up. Every single slot machine was taken, including the high limit room. We were warned to "reserve a slot machine" one week ago. Anyways, the drawing was held at 9PM. I was there since 10AM that day Until the drawing I DID not see a single jackpot, all machines were dead, even though the floor was busy like never before.

So the saying that the casino pays when it's busy is B. There are other times when I hit over 20 jackpots in one hour how to rig slot machines the casino was empty.

Monday morning, around 6AM. I was playing since 8 PM Sunday Besides me there were like 3 or 4 other players. I had 9 handpays source I was still waiting to get paid for the first one. I figured that something is not right and the machines are paying like crazy By the way, the other 3 or 4 people in the casino at that time were hitting jackpots like me.

So, how is this possible? All the Random Number Generators in ALL machines decided to be nice to me? Anyways, I've been around for a while and let me tell you something. If its a House machine, its rigged, if its a Network Machine its a real payout.

Network machines are the once like "wheel of Fortune, megabucks, etc. Think about, why do casinos want you how to rig slot machines sign up for a "membership card"? Oh, just insert your card in a machine that you are playing, so we know how to reward you with free food, hotel stay, vip parking, etc ANYBODY, trying to tell that I am wrong, is full of B.

Search for an article please click for source CNN in a general manager of a casino in Vegas said that the technology allows them to change the machines from back office Look, its the 21st century I can start my car with a remote control from my house. You can turn your house lights on or off from your cell phone, your friend can use google and track LIVE whos on his website Do You really think that the modern day technology does not how to rig slot machines a LIVE control of a payout on a slot machine in a multimillion dollar casino?.

Pull your head out of your "behind" How to win at a casino? You are a winner if you lose only the money you budgeted to play there Why I play every day if I know that I am going to lose? Click to see more · 3 years ago. In countries where the games are not regulated internet based casinosit is possible that some of these casinos cheat, and that goes for live roulette how to rig slot machines as well.

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Time for a Caribbean cruise? What's most you've ever won playing lottery?? What are the next powerball winning numbers? How long does casino withdrawal take? How to win the lottery? Why don't you ever see the how to rig slot machines "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Doesn't the government get a lot of the lottery you win? Terms Privacy AdChoices RSS. UH UHSearchWeb { font-size: ThemeReset UHSearchProperty { background:

How to rig slot machines

Many times when we are losing at a slot we envision someone at the controls making us loose. We get angry and imagine that the casino has flipped a switch that makes it impossible to win. This is where the misconceptions take place. The slot machine has a computer program that dictates the overall payback percentage of that machine.

This is when some people become confused. In fact, a slot machine may payback more than it takes in over a day, a week, or even a month. What is the long term? There is a bit of ambiguity as to what constitutes the how to rig slot machines term, but usually it means there must be thousands if not millions of spins. What does this mean to the average player? Basically, it means that you are not being cheated. Unless visit web page play everyday day, year after year, on one slot machine, you will probably not receive the same rate of payback that the machine is set at.

How to rig slot machines, there will be more losers than winners at slots, but there are winners and you have the same chance to win as anyone else. Players have two major things that they can control when playing slots. What machines they play and how long they play. The first power you have as a slot player is choosing what games you will play and at what casinos. That means you should only play slots that have a higher payback percentage.

You are more likely to find higher payback slot machines online than you are in land-based casinos. Online casinos have a huge advantage over land-based casinos because how to rig slot machines cost of over-head is so much lower. This enables them to offer higher payback machines because they can achieve a profit much easier.

There are some high payback slots in land-based casinos, but in general online casinos offer better paybacks. As a slot player, it is your job to research and find out which online casinos offer the best payback machines. All reputable online casinos are independently audited read article tested to verify the payback percentages that they advertise.

Only play slots that offer high paybacks to insure you are giving yourself the best chance to win. The second power slot players have is the ability to dictate how long they play and how much they are betting.

It is very important for slot to use a money management system that will enable them to walk away when they win and limit their how to rig slot machines. Do not let emotions dictate your rate of play.

Utilize preset limits to let how to rig slot machines know when to walk away. Yes, they are programmed to take in more than they payout over the long how to rig slot machines, but how to rig slot machines in no way means you are being cheated. You have exactly the same chance of winning as anyone else, and yes there are people that win playing slot machines.

Find high payback slots and utilize a strict money management system and you may just walk away a winner. Thats very good article. I have seen owners change there chip in machines all the time.

I am guessing those chips are Programmed for the take legally allowed by the regulators. Which can be varied. I used to click everyday. I saw a bad streak for 7 months. I manged my money.

I never bet more than a set price per day. When a 2 passed I never got a hit.

People stopped coming in the place LOL. I went to other places and won some but not how to rig slot machines. Anyway I found out they couldn't tell you if a machine had not been hit for awhile. The girl is sitting there all day and knows which machines are hot. That to me is a sign of rigging. A hot machine may have a take less badine casino la the others.

Employees just click for source that and can let customers know that. Or they may say the chips were changed today. Either way I have seen machines put out more than others at different lengths of time. Of course you don't sit there all day and watch a machine. But you can get my point. I have sat at Machines that pay regularly at intervals. It makes you wonder. You got an answer? Just toss a coin and you'll be surprised how many times you get head or tails in a row.

Also slot games are different. Some are see more to pay out smaller amounts frequently.

Others pay out big, but do so less often. Cleopatra is one of the video slots that started it all. It is read more of the earlier video slots that became jackson rancheria casino resort popular and derived a cult like following. It even has several websites dedicated to it! The treasure was apparently hidden in the southwest of the United States somewhere around the Grand Canyon….

No company can ever put their finger on the key formula to a successful video slot game, but IGT knew it had a hit on its hands…. Notify me of new replies. Jaz March 4, Copyright ©  · click.

Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work

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