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Latest gaming technology

There are rumblings in the tech world that something we've not had for a while is coming back to the PC hardware industry - genuine competition. Nvidia and Intel are the current dominant names in PC technology, ruling the roost when it comes to graphics cards and processors respectively. This is where things are going to get real interesting real soon. Starting with Intel, they will be launching the desktop version of their Kaby Lake architecturethe 6th generation of their Core CPUs.

Kaby Lake is the optimisation of their 14nm Skylake processor design, the third generation of chips built on their 14nm node. That said, one thing Kaby Lake will be bringing is the first K-series i3 processor. The Core i3 K is a dual-core, four-thread processor with an unlocked multiplier and a 4. If Kaby Lake can deliver on its promise san bernardino casino higher overclocking performance it could be the ultimate budget gaming CPU.

Though AMD latest gaming technology have something to say about that in too. AMD could only really compete on price, not performance after betting the farm on a heavily multithreaded future that never materialised. And even then, as their CPU tech has gotten further and further out of date, the budget side of the business has tailed off too. Not only that, but they are set to offer both six-core, thread versions as well as cheaper quad-core, eight-thread chips at the budget end of the range.

AMD are also going to bring the power of Zen to bear latest gaming technology their APU range too. The Raven Ridge processors are going to use the four-core, eight-thread variant of the Zen architecture and pair it with a Vega-powered GPU core.

That could make for a tasty little mini PC These will replace the Broadwell-E processors with the first high-performance 14nm CPU architecture Intel have produced. Just as AMD are fighting click the following article against Intel on the CPU front they are taking the graphics card fight to Nvidia this year too.

Expected to be latest gaming technology to compete at least with the GTXthe latest gaming technology Vega 10 chip will arrive latest gaming technology 8GB of high performance second generation high bandwidth memory HBM2.

But there are also rumours of a 16GB version, latest gaming technology that could be the super high-end AMD graphics card Radeon gamers have long been craving. Alongside the Vega-based graphics cards will be a set of cards using refreshed Polaris GPUs. Before any of that though Nvidia will be releasing the GTX Ti. Not long to wait to see if he does…. After the big early year launch we may well see Nvidia pushing out a refreshed line of Pascal-based cards throughout There latest gaming technology rumours of more GPbased cards to follow the GTX Ti as well as a refresh of the GTX and cards with GDDR5X memory to bring them into latest gaming technology with the GTX Titan X and GTX Motherboards are the unsung heros of your PC.

This year is going to see the introduction of no less than three new, high-end motherboard platforms with Intel kicking things off in January alongside their Kaby Lake CPUs. The Z boards have also been designed with a view towards the rise in PCIe-based SSDs and have increased latest gaming technology number of PCIe 3. Intel are also producing H and B boards for the Latest gaming technology Lake CPU generation again as a direct replacements for the existing series offerings.

There will also be another series motherboard chipset rolling around later this year, the X As you can probably guess the X is the generational successor to the old X99 motherboard and is going to be the supporting platform for the latest gaming technology Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors which will release around August-September next year.

Article source we really know about the X at the moment is that the chipset will come with a new socket latest gaming technology another 55 extra pins, the LGA Other than that we expect it latest gaming technology come with a host of PCIe lanes, lots of M.

On the opposite side of the CPU divide are AMD with their brand new AM4 motherboards. The latest gaming technology, pin AM4 socket will represent the marrying of both their CPU and APU designs into one unified platform. It gives AMD users a far more varied platform meaning anything from a quad-core Bristol Ridge APU to an octo-core Ryzen CPU can drop into exactly the same motherboard.

The Optane drives use a new type of memory, called 3D XPoint, which was designed in collaboration with Micron. That will allow memory intensive tasks to grab SSD memory to use a system memory. Rivals Micron, with their Crucial consumer brand, cancelled the Ballistix TX3 PCIe SSD last year, but I would still expect to see a Micron-based M. There are some optimistic rumours that HTC will display their Vive 2. HTC have confirmed they are working on a second generation Vive, but I think a January unveiling of a brand new headset might be a little premature, though potentially an improved Vive may still appear this year.

What are we likely to get with the Vive 2. I would guess at wireless tracking for a starter. Quark VR have said they have been working with HTC and Valve on a wireless prototype which replaces the wires or the Vive, and TPCast have been doing pre-orders on their version, so if we get anything appearing at CES it will probably be the same device but with wireless connectivity. Other speculation latest gaming technology the Vive 2.

There have been a few complaints about how tricky it can be to set up the current sensors, so a streamlined option would be welcome.

Are we going latest gaming technology get higher resolution screens? Even a machine running twin Vega GPUs, with one card rendereing per eye, would have a hard time getting that going. This latest gaming technology last year Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, explained in a Reddit AMA that the first generation Rift would have a lifespan "somewhere between a console latest gaming technology a mobile phone, much closer to a mobile phone.

Microsoft and Intel though are looking to make virtual reality mainstream this year with their Project Evo collaboration. Project Evo is a plan to produce a range of affordable PCs that can cope with VR and gaming though not necessarily both.

Latest gaming technology year could see the first OLED gaming monitors hitting our desks. I have plugged my desktop rig into a inch LG OLED I borrowed a while back, and that was a quite stunning experience, even just playing Fallout 4 on it. The long-awaited inch Dell UPQ was the first OLED monitor to be announced and click a Hz refresh rate to go along with its x native resolution.

It was first shown off at CES last year and has still to hit the market. Fingers crossed it will do this year. And fingers crossed LG decide to up their monitor game too and deliver us some more Latest gaming technology screens. Elsewhere you can bet the refresh rate rat race is going to carry on apace. You will also be seeing a latest gaming technology more HDR-ready monitors over the course of the next 12 months too.

We are just click for source waiting this web page HDR patches for games to make them at all relevant, but fingers crossed that will be happening this year too. Or HDR monitors are going to be a complete waste of time Is it Windows 11? Have they needed to skip that number due to it being a horrendously offensive numeral in Chad and gone straight for Windows 12?

From now on there will only be incremental updates as they try and move towards an approach of Windows being more of a service than a product. The next of these incremental changes is the Creators Update and is due to drop this Spring. It looks like a really basic drag and drop music creation tool, optimised for touch.

But if a tab previews in a browser and no one is around to see it, does it make a difference? Skip to main content. PC Games news and reviews from PCGamesN. Hardware Guides 1 Latest gaming technology Don't forget the new Latest gaming technology Mode supposedly coming in the Creator Update. Best Graphics Card Best Gaming Mouse Best Gaming Monitor Best CPU for Gaming Best Gaming Headset Best Gaming Keyboard Best SSD for Gaming Best Caliente casino Motherboard.

PC Gaming News Subsurface Circular is a text adventure from Bithell Games a Why Failbetter founder Latest gaming technology Kennedy left his studio. Liquipedia is finally expanding into League of Legends. Full RSS Game RSS.

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