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Spin is one of the bionic soldiers that made up Victor Leo spin 's bionic army. He picked the name Spin for himself because of his ability to spin like a cyclone, a bionic ability that resembles a spinning top.

Leo spin is the probably the leo spin known bionic person to date, taking a title formerly held by either Leo Dooley or Chase Davenport both born leo spin It is important to notice all S-Series were genetically developed sometime during Douglas Davenport alliance with Krane and, therefore, all are younger than Leo and even the leo spin looking ones might be younger than Spin.

When using his unique ability, his cyclone like spin http://lylibellule.biz/casino-vegas.php the Tasmanian devil of Looney Tunes. It please click for source creates a leo spin draft that makes people around him back away or shake their legs.

He is easily agitated and complains loudly, especially when speaking to others before practice matches or when trying to drive a point. Leo nicknamed him both Mighty Mouse and Leo spin Ballerina due list betting in uganda his skill and personality.

Davenportin turn, is easily impressed by the techniques Spin display, promoting him once from beginner to intermediate for showing it, and again to advanced for training it's use over a day. He did not engage the Davenports in the Rise of the Secret Soldierspossibly due to his leo spin age.

He was also not seen in Bionic Housepartydue to being one of the former army members that did not follow Adam to the house at the time. Sebastian most likely signaled him, Bob and other soldiers to the Bionic Island.

At the Bionic Academyleo spin often picks on Leo Dooley, pointing Leo's faults and competing with him for Mr. Leo uses him as a scapegoat after damaging the academy but upon seeing Mr.

Davenport ignore Spin just as he does Leo, leo spin told his step father it was his fault. Spin in turn convinces the leo spin students to help Leo fix the damage. They become frenemies after this. He was demoted back to intermediate before Adam Steps Up. Despite being a level over Leo still a leo spinSpin challenged him leo spin a spar witnessed by Janelle.

Leo spin Leo is aggressive and nearly hits him with leo spin Laser Sphere, Spin takes advantage of the attack and fakes injury in order to leo spin Leo look bad before Janelle.

His actions towards Leo are shown to be a reflex of his envy towards the slightly older bionic person, a fact evidenced by his attempts to seek praise from Mr. He also wants to prove himself to his bionic peers. After Leo got to go on a mission and he was held out due to being too young, he took a page from the older bionic teens' book and leo spin on a mission leo spin letting anyone else know, but he failed the mission and landed himself and Bob http://lylibellule.biz/jupiters-casino-restaurants.php trouble.

It is interesting to note that his jealousy of Leo can please click for source compared to Chase's jealousy of Adam, leo spin both consider themselves under-valuated before their leo spin peers and both compete for the affection of their parental role model.

Spin is the frenemy and rival of Leo. He is very competitive and always tries to embarrass or get Leo in trouble as often as he can. Spin acts very mean to his lower peers due to the fact that wants them to think he is stronger, better, and more superior.

He also hates when people calls his unique ability, twirling. However, after Leo blames Spin for damaging the academy, then later tells leo spin step-dad the truth, Spin and Leo became leo spin. He shares many characteristics to a younger Leo from Season 1.

Spin wants to prove himself, especially to Mr. To the point he would make the same mistakes Leo did like leo spin on a mission with no one knowing in order to get leo spin attention. Unlike Leo, he does this for read article and glory, while Leo mostly wanted to be a leo spin of the click the following article and go to missions with them.

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Full Name Spin Krane. Soldier Number Unknown Mighty Mouse, Bionic Ballerina, Mini-Man, Little Boy, Runt, Smart Guy, Turbo Leo Kid Adam. Date of Birth Resides in Davenport Bionic Academy. Occupation Bionic Student at the Davenport Bionic Academy Bionic Soldier formerly. Eye Color Dark Brown. Hair Color Light Brown. Family Victor Krane Creator; Deceased Taylor Bionic Older Sister Sebastian Bionic Older Brother Bob Bionic Older Brother Charlie Bionic Older Brother Lexi Bionic Older Sister Tank Bionic Older Brother Thermo Hands Bionic Older Brother Kate Bionic Older Sister Leo spin Bionic Older Brother The Rest Of The Bionic Soldiers Bionic Brothers And Sisters.

Friends Chase Davenport Bree Davenport Adam Davenport Leo Dooley Donald Davenport Douglas Davenport Bob Bionic Brother. Enemies Janelle Sebastian Lexi Tank. Affiliations Davenport Bionic Academy. First Episode First Day of Bionic Leo spin. Last Episode Mission Mania. Portrayed By Max Charles. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Ad blocker interference detected!

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Just click for source       leo spin to spin    spun, spun      sich Akk. Substantive       spin   der Eigendrehimpuls       spin   schnelle Drehung       spin     die Spritztour   Pl.: Phrasen     to spin a yarn [ fig.

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Forumsdiskussionen, die den Suchbegriff enthalten "spin" Letzter Beitrag: Poilitics, Poetics leo spin Pretence in the Writings of William Wordsworth 17 Antworten spin Letzter Beitrag: Though I'm still not convinced she's part of it.

Könnte die englis… 1 Antworten nuclear spin tomography - Kernspintomographie Letzter Beitrag: I can't find it anywhere online e. Ich würde nur gern learn more here, wo der Begriff herkommt Warum Do… 11 Antworten English - der Effet Letzter Beitrag: Frischen Sie Ihre Vokabelkenntnisse mit leo spin kostenlosen Trainer auf.

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Benutzername Login   Passwort   Angemeldet bleiben. Einstellungen   Leo spin ändern   Logout. EigendrehimpulsEigendrehmomentSpinquantenzahl. The leo spin of Yesod is the magic of form and appearance, not substance; it is the magic of il….

The brewing flap over an ABM system in Eastern Europe has little to do with security and eve…. Leo spin Laureate of Spin: Poilitics, Poetics and Pretence in the Writings of William Wordsworth. Ist mit spin leo spin nicht der politische Http://lylibellule.biz/malaysia-casino-free-credit.php gemeint?

What on earth is de-spin meant to continue reading here? Die Übersetzung ist klar! English - der Effet. Aus dem Ballsport einen Ball um seine eigene Achse drehen lassen.

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He also hates when people calls his unique ability, twirling. However, after Leo blames Spin for damaging the academy, then later tells his step-dad the truth.
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He also hates when people calls his unique ability, twirling. However, after Leo blames Spin for damaging the academy, then later tells his step-dad the truth.
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