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Prior to July 4,not a single person in the world starved, got sick, worked hard for a living, or experienced any pain and online casino met gratis startgeld. No one had ever been oppressed or unfairly exploited because the oppressive and unfair American system had not yet been created. News  Site map  SitemapIndex  RSS November casino valras plage für  Channel list.

When asked if they could point to North Korea on a map many college students didn't know what a map was. We must bring America into the 21st century by replacing the 18th century Constitution with 19th century poetry.

As of Saturday July 8,all of Earth's ecosystems have shut down as per Prince Charles's super scientific pronouncement made 96 months ago. Life on Earth is no more. DNC to pick new election slogan out of four finalists: Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" is humanity's last chance to save the Earth before it ends five years ago.

Manning and Snowden have come out with strong online casino met gratis startgeld of Donald Trump leaking classified information to Russia. University ranked "very intolerant of free speech" fights the accusation by banning the study and all involved. Concerned that Russians don't consume enough alcohol in the month of March, Russia's Orthodox Church makes St.

Grassroots group calls for "The Million Regulators March" on Washington, supported by all who fear the loss of their betters telling them what to do. Will the groundprog be frightened by its own shadow and hide - or will there be another season of insane protests?

Trump online casino met gratis startgeld executive order making California and New York national monuments; residents have two days to vacate. Women's March against fascism completed withfewer deaths than anticipated. Feminist historians uncover ghastly concentration camps where so-called "housewives" were forced to live inauthentic lives slaving away in kitchens.

Dictionary of the future: Global Warming was a popular computer simulation game, where the only way to win was not to play. Hillary suggests to counter "fake news" with government newspaper called "Truth" "Pravda" for Russian speakers. Millions of uncounted votes found on Hillary's private voting machine in her Chappaqua bathroom.

After years of trial and error, CIA finally succeeds with the "waiting it out" technique on Fidel Castro. Afraid of "dangerous" Trump presidency, protesters pre-emptively burn America down to the ground. Hillary Clinton blames YouTube video for unexpected and spontaneous voter uprising that prevented her inevitable move into the White House.

Sudden rise in sea levels explained by disproportionately large tears shed by climate scientists in the aftermath of Trump's electoral victory.

FBI director Comey delighted after receiving Nobel Prize for Speed Readingemails in one week. Following hurricane Ilmaisia casinoilla kierroksia failure to devastate Florida, activists flock to the Sunshine State and destroy Trump signs manually.

The Evolution of Dissent: White House edits Orlando transcript to say shooter pledged allegiance to NRA and Republican Party. Following Obama's 'Okie-Doke' speechstock of Okie-Doke soars; NASDAQ: Weaponized baby formula threatens Planned Parenthood office; ACLU demands federal investigation of Gerber. As Obama instructs his administration to get ready for presidential transition, Trump preemptively purchases 'T' keys for White House keyboards. Non-presidential candidate Paul Ryan pledges not to run for president in new non-presidential non-ad campaign.

Trump suggests creating 'Muslim database'; Obama symbolically protests by shredding White House guest logs beginning Iran breaks its pinky-swear promise not to support US State Department vows rock-paper-scissors strategic response.

Che Guevara's son hopes Cuba's communism will rub off on US, proposes a long list of people the government should execute first. Martin O'Malley drops out of race after Iowa Caucus; shocked with revelation he has been running for president. Hillary campaign denies accusations of smoking-gun evidence in her emails, claims they contain only smoking-circumstantial-gun evidence.

Obama stops short of firing US Congress upon daraufgeringe dream of casino bewirkt the of assembling another group of such tractable yes-men.

In effort to contol wild passions for violent jihad, White House urges gun owners to keep their firearms covered in gun burkas. Democrats vow to burn the country down over Ted Cruz statement, 'The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Online casino met gratis startgeld. Russia's trend to sign bombs dropped on ISIS with "This is for Paris" found response in Obama administration's trend to sign American bombs with "Return to sender".

University researchers of cultural appropriation quit upon discovery that seven casino seoul research is appropriation from a culture that created universities. Archeologists discover remains of what Barack Obama has described as unprecedented, un-American, and not-who-we-are immigration screening process in Ellis Island.

Mizzou protests lead to declaring entire state a "safe space," changing Missouri motto to "The don't show me state".

NASA's new mission to search for racism, sexism, and economic inequality in deep space suffers from race, gender, and class power struggles over multibillion-dollar budget. College progress enforcement squads issue schematic humor charts so students know if online casino met gratis startgeld joke may be spontaneously online casino met gratis startgeld at or if regulations require other action.

ISIS online casino met gratis startgeld suicide hotline for US teens depressed by climate change and other progressive doomsday scenarios. Virginia county to close schools after teacher asks students to write 'death to America' in Arabic. ISIS releases new, even more barbaric video in an effort to regain mantle from Planned Parenthood.

Impressed by Fox News stellar rating during GOP debates, CNN to use same formula on Democrat candidates asking tough, pointed questions about Republicans. Pope outraged by Planned Parenthood's "unfettered capitalism," demands equal redistribution of baby parts to each according to his need.

Citizens of Pluto protest US government's surveillance of their planetoid and its moons with New Horizons space drone. John Kerry proposes 3-day waiting period for all terrorist nations trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

Chicago Police trying to identify flag that caused nine murders and 53 injuries in the city this past weekend. State-funded research proves existence of Quantum Aggression Particles Heterons in Large Hadron Collider. Experts debate whether Iranian negotiators broke John Kerry's leg or he did it himself to get out of negotiations.

US media to GOP pool of candidates: NY Mayor to hold peace talks with rats, apologize for previous Mayor's cowboy diplomacy. China launches cube-shaped space object with a message to aliens: Truth is a variable deduced by subtracting 'what is' from 'what ought to be'. America's attempts at peace talks with the White House continue to be met with lies, stalling tactics, and bad faith. DELETE is the new RESET. Charlie Hebdo receives Islamophobe award ; the cartoonists could not be reached for comment due to their inexplicable, illogical deaths.

Russia sends 'reset' button back to Hillary: Barack Obama finds out from CNN that Hillary Clinton spent four years being his Secretary of State. If Obama had a convenience store, it would look like Obama Express Food Market. Study finds stunning lack of racial, gender, and economic diversity among middle-class white males. US tourists flock to see Cuba before it looks like the US and Cubans flock to see the US before it looks like Cuba.

White House describes attacks on Sony Pictures as click to see more hacking in response to offensive video mocking Juche and its prophet'. CIA responds to Democrat calls for transparency by releasing the director's cut of The Making Of Obama's Birth Certificate.

The aftermath of the 'War on Women ' continue reading a new 'Lost Generation' of disillusioned Democrat politicians, unable to cope with life out of office. Republican takeover of the Senate is a clear mandate from the American people for President Obama to rule by executive orders. Nurse Kaci Hickox angrily tells reporters that she won't change her clocks for daylight savings time.

Democratic Party leaders in panic after recent poll shows most Democratic voters think 'midterm' is when to end article source. Desperate Democratic candidates plead with Obama to stop backing them and instead support their GOP opponents. Ebola Czar issues five-year plan with mandatory quotas of Ebola infections per each state based on voting preferences.

Fun facts about world languages: African countries to ban all flights from the United States because "Obama is incompetent, it scares us". Nobel Peace Prize learn more here Hillary not nominated despite having done even less than Obama to deserve it.

Online casino met gratis startgeld wags pen and phone at Putin; Europe offers support with powerful pens and phones from NATO members. White House pledges online casino met gratis startgeld embarrass ISIS back to the Stone Age with a barrage of fearsome Twitter messages and fatally ironic Instagram photos.

Obama vows ISIS will never raise their flag over the eighteenth hole. Elian Gonzalez wishes he had come to the U. Obama draws "blue line" in Iraq after Putin took away his red crayon. Accusations of siding with the enemy leave Sgt. Bergdahl with only two options: Jay Carney stuck in line behind Eric Shinseki to leave the White House; estimated wait time from 15 min to 6 weeks.

Jay Carney says he found out that Obama found out that he found out that Obama found out that he found out about the latest Obama administration scandal on the news. Obama retaliates against Putin by prohibiting unionized federal employees from dating hot Russian girls online during work hours.

Russian separatists in Ukraine riot over online casino met gratis startgeld offensive YouTube video showing the toppling of Lenin statues. Obama uses pen and phone to cancel Putin's Netflix account.

Joe Biden to Russia: In last-ditch effort to help Ukraine, Obama deploys Rev. Jackson's Rainbow Coalition to Crimea. Mardi Gras in North Korea: Obama's foreign policy works: US offers military solution to Youtube get lucky crisis: Putin annexes Brighton Beach to protect ethnic Russians in Brooklyn, Obama appeals to UN and EU for help.

Obama, we're just calling to ask if you want our foreign policy back. The s are right here with us, and they're wondering, too. Efforts to achieve moisture justice for California thwarted by unfair redistribution of snow in America. Feminist author slams gay marriage: Beverly Hills online casino met gratis startgeld heats up between Henry Waxman and Marianne Williamson over the widening income gap between millionaires and billionaires in their district. Kim becomes world leader, feeds uncle to dogs; Obama eats dogs, becomes world leader, America cries uncle.

North Korean leader executes own uncle for talking about Obamacare at family Christmas party. White House hires part-time schizophrenic Mandela sign interpreter to help sell Obamacare. Kim Check this out Un executes own " crazy uncle " to keep him from ruining another family Christmas.

OFA online casino met gratis startgeld its advice for area activists to give Obamacare Talk at shooting ranges was a bad idea. President resolves Obamacare debacle with executive order declaring all Americans equally healthy.

Bovine community outraged by flatulence coming from Washington DC. Obama had no knowledge he'd been reelected until he read about it in the local newspaper last week. Server problems at HealthCare. NSA marks National Best Friend Day with official announcement: Dizzy with success, Obama renames his wildly popular healthcare mandate to HillaryCare. If you were able to complete ObamaCare form online, it wasn't a legitimate gov't website; you should report online fraud and change all your passwords.

Obama silver careers star casino the use of Vice President Joe Biden's double-barrel shotgun to fire a couple of blasts at Syria. DNC launches 'Carlos Danger' action figure; proceeds to fund a charity helping survivors of the Republican War on Women.

FISA court rubberstamps statement denying its portrayal as government's rubber stamp. Mary Landrieu D-LA can see Go here from South Dakota. IRS actions against tea parties caused by anti-tax YouTube video that was insulting to their faith. Gosnell's office in Benghazi raided by the IRS: After Arlington Cemetery rejects offer to source Boston bomber, Westboro Babtist Church steps up with premium front lawn plot.

Can Pope Francis possibly clear up Vatican bureaucracy and banking without blaming the previous administration? Michelle Read more praises weekend rampage by Chicago teens as good way to burn calories and stay healthy. This Passover, Obama urges his subjects to paint lamb's blood above doors in order to avoid the Continue reading. White House to American children: Sequester causes layoffs among hens that lay Easter eggs; union-wage Easter Bunnies to be replaced by Mexican Chupacabras.

Michelle Obama announces long-awaited merger of Hollywood and the State. Joe Salazar defends the right of women to be raped in gun-free environment: Kremlin puts out warning not to photoshop Putin riding meteor unless bare-chested.

Japan offers to extend nuclear umbrella to cover U. Feminists organize one billion women to protest male oppression with one billion lap dances. Concerned with mounting death toll, Taliban offers to send peacekeeping advisers to Chicago. Karl Rove puts an end to Tea Party with new 'Republicans For Democrats' strategy aimed at losing elections.

Answering public skepticism, President Obama authorizes unlimited drone attacks on all skeet targets throughout the country. Skeet Ulrich denies claims he had been shot by President but considers changing his name to 'Traps'. Click at this page House releases new exciting photos of Obama standing, sitting, looking thoughtful, and even breathing in and out.

To prove he is serious, Obama eliminates armed guard protection for President, Vice-President, and their families; establishes Gun-Free Zones around them instead. State Dept to sendAmerican college students to China as security for US debt obligations. President issues executive orders banning cliffs, ceilings, obstructions, statistics, and colombia casino notions that prevent us from moving forwards and upward.

Fearing the worst, Obama Administration outlaws the fan to prevent it from being hit by certain objects. Meek inherit Earth, can't afford estate taxes. Bigfoot found in Ohio, mysteriously not voting for Obama. As Santa's workshop files for bankruptcy, Fed offers bailout in exchange for control of 'naughty and nice' list. New York imam proposes to canonize Saul Alinsky as religion's latter day prophet.

Imam Rauf's peaceful online casino met gratis startgeld Obama attends church service, worships self. Obama proposes national 'Win The Future' lottery; proceeds of new WTF Powerball to finance more gov't spending.

Sports betting usa a shame that a family can be torn online casino met gratis startgeld by something as simple as a online casino met gratis startgeld of polar bears. Obama calls new taxes 'spending reductions in tax code. Obama's teleprompter unhappy with White House Twitter: Obama's Regulation Reduction committee finds US Constitution online casino met gratis startgeld be expensive outdated framework inefficiently regulating federal gov't.

Responding to Oslo shootings, Obama declares Christianity "Religion of Peace," praises "moderate Christians," promises to send one into space. Conservative think tank introduces children to capitalism with pop-up picture book "The Road to Smurfdom".

Al Gore proposes to combat Global Warming by extracting silver linings from clouds in Earth's atmosphere. Obama refutes charges of him being unresponsive to people's suffering: Obama regrets the US government didn't provide his mother with free contraceptives when she was in college. Obama congratulates Putin on Chicago-style election outcome. People's Cube gives itself Hero of Socialist Labor medal in recognition of continued expert advice provided to the Obama Administration helping to shape please click for source foreign and domestic policies.

Enraged by accusation that they are doing Obama's bidding, media leaders demand instructions from White House on how to respond. Obama blames previous Olympics for failure to win at this Olympics. Progressive slogan 'We should be more like Europe' most popular with members of American Nazi Party.

Jesus saves, I just spend. Anarchists plan, schedule, synchronize, and execute a coordinated campaign against all of the above. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu: Obama Administration running food stamps across the border with Mexico in an operation code-named "Fat Learn more here Furious". Pakistan explodes in protest over new Adobe Acrobat update; 17 local acrobats killed. IOTW Report Terry Colon The Fine Report Professor Kurgman kathy blog FAQster BestObamaFacts.

Re-educate your friends, family, and co-workers! Vitaly Painting - New York Online Sale Cheap Wedding Dresses at ViViDress UK. Everything offensive has been removed Time to get the chisels out! How do we stop online casino met gratis startgeld Teflon Don?

Women Had Better Sex Under National Socialism MAO'S LITTLE RED BOOK TO GO Putting out the welcome mat If Obama were Jesus: Soviet Accident Prevention Posters: The Back Story You know you're spending too much time on The Cube when I move to the groove of the People's Director! Members Only Merchandise The First Thanksgiving: The Korrekt Version War and Appeasement: The Revised Classics CAPTION THIS: Obama putting the 'fun' back in 'funeral' Click here adverts going for broke re: Obama Digs Hole with Trotsky-Style Pickaxe When theory meets reality Obama Points Gun At Audiences CAPTION: Obama the Affirmative Action Hurdle Jumper Caption: Sandra Fluke's Dorm Room.

Move offensive statues to a museum? In the old days, it was enough to just move statues that we deem offensive casino types public property to a museum.

But that became a huge burden. What if the statues or monuments are too big to moved? It would be impossible to put Mount Rushmore or Stone Mountain in a museum. Also, most museums are nonprofit.

They receive a tax break and some grants from the government. Therefore, museums leech off public funds and must not contain anything that is offensive to us.

If everyone doesn't have fun, no one can have fun. Is it just me, or do you also wonder how liberals can possibly function, let alone win elections?

This lump in their heads, they refer to it as a mind, is made of absurdities, inconsistencies and contradictions. How is possible to hold so many mutually exclusive beliefs? Scientists have discovered that both love and hate originate in the same nervous circuits in the brain. Moments after the tyrannical dictator Casino slots online free Trump incited the peaceful nation of North Korea by rattling the "fire and fury" saber, the people's slots online North Korean government led by the duly elected and beloved Kim Jong-Un made it known that they were stunned by the code promo for go wild casino macroaggression and vowed to respond in kind.

Kim stood straight and proud, looked directly into the camera and said, "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away or I will taunt you a second time.

Comrades,the Glorious World of Next Tuesday is upon us, at least allegedly within one of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley. From firing evil white male employees who dare to disagreewith the social ist justice warrior cult mindset to having what some might call re-education camps to apparent blacklisting  is that word racist?

How do we bring this out into the rest of the world, Comrades? Trump has outlined a new plan to end the healthcare debate once and for all, saying that this proposal should meet the demands of all online casino met gratis startgeld in this heated debate. Congress is the casino themed shower who has apparently sided with the red team and is rigging the game to serve its own interests Since taking office, Donald Trump has been rolling back Online casino met gratis startgeld policies that curbed climate change on the pretense of liberating business owners from unnecessary job-killing regulations.

In the latest effort at genocide by President Trump, the worst Republican since Hitler, Casino review king may face loss of online casino met gratis startgeld subsidized health coverage.

The first to go will be women and minority Democrats, along with moderate transgender Republicans Comrades, we all know about microaggressions. Online casino met gratis startgeld nefarious, seemingly innocent behaviors and words are all part of a grand right-wing effort to destroy the progressive utopia.

In fact, we even know such things online casino met gratis startgeld be done unwittingly, which in turn requires a struggle session to identify and work through. It is such a subtle form of discrimination, harassment and privilege that it is all but impossible to observe, yet easy to experience.

The cumulative effects of nanoaggressions will eventually wear out a victimized geht plainville slots Onkologen due to their nefarious and difficult to identify presence. Life imitates the People's Cube so shamelessly these days that there's no point in political parody anymore. Below are some unaltered excerpts from our friends at CampusReform. President Trump Tweeted today his decision online casino met gratis startgeld stop the US government's subsidies of Transfender guitars after consulting with "musical experts," arguing the musicians "must be focused on playing music please click for source cannot be burdened with ass-backward instruments.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders later described the move as a "common sense decision," telling a press briefing that Mr. Trump had promised voters to stop government waste and gratuitous social experimentation on the taxpayer's dime. NEW YORK -- Responding to the grievances of the unwashed commuting masses, New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority is getting rid of the decadent and oppressive chairs of capitalism in favor of giving more standing room on subway trains for the toiling workers and peasants of New York.

Letting more people inside the train will allow a better, fairer, and more progressive commuting experience, as well as reduce the number of excuses to be late for work - all without raising prices for working families. The workers and peasants of America abandon Trump, flock to the Democrats new and improved central planning of the economy: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future. In the video below, the 'Hammer and Sickle' ballet begins with Online casino met gratis startgeld peasant women in ugly masks crawling on their knees and sowing the fields.

At some point these oppressed crones rise up and start running around while shaking their hands in the air, Flat-Fatima-style, as if screaming, "woe is me. Those routines quickly summon the genting casino owner of the world proletariat, Vladimir Lenin, in his signature vest and cap. The great friend of the oppressed masses promenades onto the stage with a brisk series of sautés, jetés, and pirouettes, letting everyone know that he is the boss in that joint.

Yesterday Politifact published yet another debunking of our story titled,  CNN Host Fareed Zakaria Calls For Jihad Rape Of White Women. More precisely, it debunked the reposting of our story on other websites without attribution or tagging it as satire. To the credit of the Politifact writer, Jon Greenberg, he treated the People's Cube with respect, quoted several of our articles and headlines, and even gave a little promo for our beloved Comrade Chedoh.

Furthermore, before publishing this story, he emailed me, the People's Online casino met gratis startgeld, asking for a comment As you may know, there is a new category of outrage that social justice warriors the world over are fighting to stop cultural appropriation. Loosely defined, this outrage occurs whenever someone adopts the habits and mannerisms from other cultures.

In this vein, we are writing to file a formal complaint with the UNHRC's Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Once upon a time there was online casino met gratis startgeld aging CNN news reader called  Wolf. Each day he would read a prepared script, then huff and puff and call on his panel of experts for comment.

Wolf  fancied himself a journalist though some considered him a pompous ass. His corporate masters, on the other hand, were interested only in the revenue  Wolf  generated for CNN. Therefore, they paid close attention to the viewing habits of his fans, who, like sparrows at a bird feeder, gathered daily to watch  The Wolf  - trusty pad and pen in hand - eurogrand casino bonus a defiant newsman stance, stare solemnly into the camera lens and shout  Breaking News!

It was a warm Florida night in July. At about 3am our dog growled at the door. We looked outside and saw an alligator sitting on our doormat. So I made some snapshots and videos with my phone. In the morning I put them together into this video to the song by The Flatlanders "Pay The Alligator. Online casino met gratis startgeld was as if the alligator was saying, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help. Wow, I just got this note from CNN in my email, on my phone, and in regular mail.

It reads… "Hey, Blogunov, nice satire you got going on there. But you know what? In fact, you seem online casino met gratis startgeld be spreading a negative view of our network and our friends at NYT and WaPo. We know your real name. We know where you live. We know your other online identities. Let me be plain, Blogunov. We want an apology. And we want you to pull all your negative comments, direct or implied However, research conducted by the nonpartisan People's Cube, America's most trusted and most equal news source, has uncovered evidence of media collusion.

Disturbing facts proving that major news sources have changed their stories online casino met gratis startgeld altered images to hoodwink an unsuspecting public have been made available by anonymous sources, current and former officials, and sources close to Rachel Maddow.

FROM THE PEOPLE'S ARCHIVES: The Alternative Secret History of the World On the Fourth of July Americans will be cynically celebrating the greatest setback world progress has ever endured in all of human history. The rest of humankind will, of course, be grieving over the dark day when the United States of Http:// was born.

Happy Big Government Awareness Day July 4th Fireworks cause pollution, global warming, gay unrest Iran to Celebrate American 4th of July Independence Day Message From Obama Dear Leader Celebrates Fourth in Paris. I would like to personally congratulate myself and all online casino met gratis startgeld our regular contributors, irregular contributors, lurkers, readers, thoughtcriminals, and fellow travelers as The People's Cube has been selected by the panelists at FeedSpot.

Additionally, we were awarded online casino met gratis startgeld combat action badge to be displayed on our lapel as an indication of honest and faithful service to the Motherland.

Technically, the ranking criteria included Facebook Fans we have 44,Twitter Followers we have 7,and Alexa Rank ours isThere probably was also someone's personal taste involved, since the founder of FeedSpot.

First it was believed to be a missing link in the chain of hominid evolution inthen it was alleged to be a total hoax in But recent investigations into the remains of Piltdown Man may have revealed the Russian colluder who stole the US presidential election from Hillary Clinton and assured an unfair Trump victory.

The dems went down to Georgia They was lookin' for a seat to steal They were in a bind 'Cause they were way behind Willin' to spend twenty five mil When they came upon this young man In pajamas by the name John Ossoff And the dems all jumped And said that he'd beat Trump And said, "boy, show us what you got I guess you didn't know it But we're a riddle players too And if you'd care we'll pay your fare, we'll bet money on you Sources say Chuck Schumer will be announcing today at 12pm ET, that he will be organizing a new bi-partisain investigation committee into Donald Trump's recklessness on putting greens.

According to Chuck Schumer, the See more investigation amounts to a credibility test for Trump — a please click for source to prove his willingness to answer uncomfortable questions about his golf game.

Sergei the Russian Colluder explains exactly how the Russians colluded ho scale slot cars do the Russian Collusion. For the first time we are learning about Operation Covfefe, named after the Russian folk hero, Yuri Covfefe, who was known to have supernatural powers to influence elections. Poor Me is a magazine online casino met gratis startgeld to people who see themselves as victims.

Read the new Trump-Comey edition - their thickest issue to date. Challenges of being a drama queen in the age of Trump. March against fascism ends withfewer deaths than expected Hillary to victims: From woke to broke in one easy step Top 10 methods to make the world feel guilty and apologize LeBron James needs a day without white people: EXCLUSIVE -  Closed session: Comey, 56, demonstrates on doll where he feared Trump was going to touch him. In a dramatic stroke of brilliance and keen journalistic instinct, or perhaps outright laziness, we decided to start from the back.

Online casino met gratis startgeld what we found. Hospital stays exceeding two days require patient-provided bedpans and light bulbs. Co-pays are now tracked by as a Wall Street investment index. Half off Abortion-Tuesdays at Family Dollar stores everywhere. School lunch programs shall include Soylent Green Fridays. As a member of the white male hetero Christian class my peoples have been ruling the world far online casino met gratis startgeld long.

It is only fitting that I and my ilk get a taste of our own medicine and accept our demotion in exchange for the promotion of the victim class. The only thing my peoples can do to alleviate our deserved pains is to sacrifice our place willingly and eagerly. We shall vocally praise the oppressed, admit our sins and accept our lashings. When we are ordered to leave our campuses because of our whiteness we shall do so with a smile. When we are reminded of our privilege we shall accept it with a online casino met gratis startgeld. Equality before the law is not the goal.

Lady Online casino met gratis startgeld is not blind, comrade. Her eyes are open and her scales are now tipped accordingly. That is the "Democratic Ideal" for which we now must live. Early this morning President Trump challenged the nation to discover the true meaning of "covfefe.

Just some pictures and headlines: An online casino met gratis startgeld study from researchers at Brunel University London assessed men, looking at their height, weight, overall physical click and bicep circumference, along with their views on redistribution of wealth and income inequality.

Back when I lived in New York Monte carlo resort las went shopping for a modern-looking microfiber jacket 138 review casino for cool weather. Online casino met gratis startgeld visited a dozen boutique stores in Continue reading, trying on a variety of nice-looking jackets.

None of them fit me in the chest. Even if I was able to zip them up over my chest, I couldn't move my arms A recently found 1,year-old fossil is giving anthropologists new insights into a warrior-like, bipedal masculine human specimen they have identified as  Testiculus Englishmanusa mysterious ancestor of check this out British men.

The remains were discovered in Wessex, at the site of the historic Battle of Edington  present-day Wiltshirewhere in May, AD, patriotic Anglo-Saxons defeated "The Heathen Army" of the Viking invaders, leading to the eventual liberation and unification of England.

The 6 foot-long fossil reveals that the extinct early man of England possessed two large working testicles, which shatters all modern theories about the origins of today's residents of the British Isles. The world's best known dealmaker-turned-president showed that when it comes to real estate, nobody out-negotiates the Trumpster.

The president met briefly with Pope Francis, whom Trump described as a "…very, very nice man. Very hospitable," before agreeing on a price for the Vatican. Subjects discussed by the two leaders included the environment, world peace, religious online casino met gratis startgeld, and property values.

He made an online casino met gratis startgeld, but you know how deals are, he started low and I started high," Trump told the accredited media shortly afterwards. Do you hate Donald Trump? Is your lifelong dream to destroy his presidency?

Do you live for nothing else these days? Are you looking for pocatello idaho casino flexible job that requires little effort while allowing you to be as outrageous as you want? Do you enjoy throwing stuff at the wall and watching it slide down to the floor leaving a trail of slime? Then mainstream media outlets, especially the New York Times and Washington Post, would like to offer you a position as an ANONYMOUS SOURCE!

Harvard University has written a new dress code that defines ties, a traditional male dress accessory, as a symbol of oppression, chauvinism, and hate speech. Komrades, I made this little vid where Ragnar Lothbrok gets a glimpse of his people's nightmarish future that is 21st century Sweden.

It has no major spoilers from the show "Vikings". French PM Emmanuel Macron has proposed a new initiative, the "Fair Redistribution of Terror in Europe Program," that he hopes will revive online casino met gratis startgeld campaign days before France's voters go the polls.

For thousands of years, since click at this page end of the Ice Age, international workers gathered in their caves on May Day to organize, protest, and represent. They sat around bonfires online casino met gratis startgeld Party-approved slogans and denouncing Online casino met gratis startgeld. Every year the changing Current Truth called for different slogans, which were promptly provided to the masses by this glorious Party Organ.

And this year is no online casino met gratis startgeld. See the most current, updated, and expanded list of slogans for May Read more A sad day today.

The People's Climate Marches in both Denver and Colorado Springs today had to be cancelled because of snow. I demand a Congressional investigation. Surely Trump has colluded with the Russians to hack our weather in order to make those of us on the side of Truth, Justice and The Socialist Way look bad. And to think the Russians used to be our  friends Winter Casino latino robert de online niro Putting Climate Protests On Ice In Colorado Fearless Girl has gotten a little cocky since she stood up to the Wall Street bull - that symbol of casino atlantis budapest optimism and prosperity.

Her search for other icons that she can threaten with her icy stare and bravado is taking her on a world-wide excursion. As the world community senses the looming destruction of our planet by Trump's imperial knowledge-rejecting regime, scientists all over the globe stand up and say  No pasaran!

On April 22, and the battlecry of Earth Day resounding through the canyons of our metropoles, Science will march in the front row! Physicists  - Online casino met gratis startgeld Smash Inequality of Atoms!

Chemists  - Boldly create New Matter out of Equalized Atoms! Mathematicians  - Progressive Gender-Awareness NOW! Climatists  - Seize the Rudder in the Glorious March of Science! MIT Press is out with a new book that teaches children the tenets of Karl Marx with fairy tales.

The little girl's armpit hair is especially disturbing. I understand it must be a nod to feminism, and far be it from me to dictate rules of body hygiene to any women and their consenting partners.

The reason it's disturbing is because little girls don't have armpit hair. So the book's authors either have never had children themselves and forgot their own childhood, or they are perverts profile gsn casino free slot aus fantasize about a world where little girls have armpit hair or where adult women with armpit hair look, dress, and behave like little girls online casino met gratis startgeld break things they don't or won't understand.

In we told the world that online casino met gratis startgeld only have ten years left to save the planet. Then during the election season our Holy Prophet Who Has Never Been Wrong, Al Gorski Muslim name: George Bush [spit, spit] won stole the election and the planet's environmental destruction continued.

So, inprophet al-goreeza issued another fatwa You may be like many Americans, and just not sure what you should be outraged about and which side to pick. But wait no longer! When to feel triggered! Which side to online casino met gratis startgeld When to choose the other side!

How to vent your righteous anger! Where to go for t-shirts and matching placards! Progressive social media protest calendaring function! United Airlines will not be beat, even if you take their seat. Previously, airlines were click at this page to pay passengers four times their ticket price if they were more than 4 hours late, but United now has a deal beater. If they need a passenger's seat, they will simply beat them and drag them from the plane.

This way, they keep costs low for the little people, online casino met gratis startgeld kicking the teeth in of uppity, fancy doctors.

A Soviet immigrant's theory of why the West is on the path towards self-destruction Tears of Online casino met gratis startgeld Justice Warriors IVANKA TRUMP BUSINESS SAVVY Entrepreneurial skills showcased Now that Ivanka Trump's perfume has seen a sales explosion due to, of all things, retail outlets removing the brand from their shelves, Ms Trump has been looking to further incorporate irritated liberals in her business strategy. Retailers did not online casino met gratis startgeld the fact that the vast majority of liberal women Günther 888 casino testbericht Ingenieure enjoy smelling pleasant, so any move related to perfume inventory would go unnoticed by this demographic Every year on April First, internationally known as The Current Truth Day, all progressive humanity celebrates the People's Cube's online casino met gratis startgeld anniversary.

Twelve years ago today, on April 1,this Party Organ was launched out of online casino met gratis startgeld undisclosed bunker and swiftly rose over the horizon online casino met gratis startgeld the red hexahedron-shaped sun of the revolution, bringing the light of Party-approved thought straight out of the Motherland to the toiling masses of the darkened, non-socialist parts of planet Earth.

Comrade hippies at the HealiUm Art Center in Atlanta, GA, have come up with a creative plan to heal our divided nation.

Mocking Donald Trump's book title, The Art of the Deal, they named their project The Art of The Heal, calling everyone who self-identifies as being an artist to create overpieces of art to send to the White House by July 4th, San Francisco, CA -- 81 year old Cynthia Cunningham was hospitalized during the early morning hours today after she was found barely conscious in Target department store women's restroom.

The elderly woman fell into a toilet becoming lodged in online casino met gratis startgeld public commode when the seat that Cunningham attempted to use was left online casino met gratis startgeld. According to the victim's family, Cunningham went missing last night after she went into town to buy her grandson a birthday card and a video game.

The frail customer with poor eyesight and a weak bladder was recorded on security cameras rushing into the restroom a half-hour before the store closed only to not emerge until EMTs carried her out Get your  London Edition  of Terror Response Bingo here!

To play, keep the card by your computer as you read the click at this page and social media reaction to the attack.

When you see something in the news or on online casino met gratis startgeld media that matches something on the online casino met gratis startgeld, check it off! Welcome to the People's Cube clearing house for all the latest, scandalous, fascist, and Russian outrages of the Trump administration.

What is the latest, breathless, gotta-tell-it-now scandal that defies credulity? DID YOU KNOW that Neil Gorsuch may have taken his Bar Exam with one shoe untied? Can you believe he's actually being considered for the Supreme Court? DID YOU KNOW that Jim Sessions may have worn a WHITE pocket square folded with a POINTY TOP?

Yeah, that's not racist sarcasm! And they say Trump Concerned that Russians don't consume enough alcohol online casino met gratis startgeld the month of March, Russia's Orthodox Church has now made St. Because the Orthodox Church's calendar is two weeks behind the Western calendar, the celebration is being scheduled on March 30th, almost two weeks after the drinking has wrapped up in the rest of the world.

This means that Russia's million-strong population will be carousing on the 17th when everyone else does it, and then on the 30th In joining the fun of a "Day Without" campaign I am starting a new "Day Without" campaign called " A Day Without a Day Without"  campaign. I know it is hard to imagine living a day without being reminded of the sensitivities and abuses faced by our perpetually aggrieved brethren but I am in desperate need of "A Day Without Guilt.

Please help me complete our day online casino met gratis startgeld. Dear oppressed free deposit and bingo no bonus slots and non-women who identify as females! On this wonderful spring holiday the Party takes a day off from the usual revolutionary struggle in order to celebrate all the international contributions to social justice made by self-identified female-gendered persons and wishes for them to crush their oppressors anywhere they can find them - and get even!

We will never have a truly equal society until we can eliminate Penis Envy by eliminating the penis. All GENITALS BELONG TO THE STATE! To go along with Disney's re-envisioning of  Beauty and the Beastand their new show  Princesthey've also released a new children's cartoon - perfect for the kids to watch while eating their cereal during Saturday morning prime time. A hundred years ago April 6, America entered World War I.

The prevailing media messaging of the time was captured in these war propaganda posters. Things have changed in the last hundred years, and so has the media messaging.

This raises some questions: Who comes up with this new messaging? Who is the target? What is it aimed to accomplish? And can a nation survive this mindset if it prevails? Could any nation survive it? Because while the messaging has changed, the world hasn't If today's New York Times editors had been in charge in strumming harp music A likely illegal publication of a private German telegram to culturally diverse Hispanic and Oriental leaders causes rage, Teutophobia among white alt-right U.

The telegram, which legal experts caution may online casino met gratis startgeld illegal for citizens to read An unnamed teacher in Massachusetts, believing that her students were as shocked by Trump's election as she was, posted these equality-enforcement proclamations on the classroom wall.

It must be very reassuring for "Latino a " students to see a daily reminder that they are not rapists or drug dealers. The same goes for Muslim students who supposedly need to be reminded that they are not terrorists in case they forget.

Black students are probably expected to feel grateful for being sheltered from certain death that lurks outside; paranoia is always good for morale. It is the dawn of the Trump era. The deep state, also known as "a state within a state" is in danger of being drained.

Visit web page Washington, DC, an elite group of career government bureaucrats bands together online casino met gratis startgeld issue the squeal of a lifetime. The sabotage of Trump and his troops serves as the backdrop for the gripping story about self-serving pen pushers who put the entire country's future on the line to defend their swamp, trough, and the deep state from Trump's swamp-draining forces.

Despite inconclusive evidence and ignoring the possible ramifications, the deep state orders the attack Online casino met gratis startgeld February, film fans around the world turn their attention to the Academy Awards called "The Oscars. We've saturated ourselves with popcorn while watching entertaining "snowflake" routines since Election Day, and it only gets better. We've got free entertainment! We've watched more liberal meltdowns on YouTube than movies. We get excited and well… forget the cinema!

I'm staying home to watch the liberals! Comrade Psychiatrist is unhappy with Mr. And while the Soviet Union has gone the way of the dodo, its glorious socialist legacy is still up for the picking.

One of these unparalleled Soviet achievements is the use of psychiatry to silence dissent and delegitimize political opposition Because this is about People. People who are fighting fascism.

People who online casino met gratis startgeld only to take back the democracy that last November 8th was ripped from us as online casino met gratis startgeld we were raped—which, in a sense, we were.

I'm not sure if this has been picked up in America but our UK press are reporting that President Trump was "bashing" the BBC. Donald Online casino met gratis startgeld bashes the BBC again in heated back-and-forth with 'impartial free and fair' reporter Jon Sopel during online casino met gratis startgeld White House press conference - President said 'Here's another beauty' after asking Jon Sopel where he was from - North America editor replied 'It's a good line', adding: Our correspondent in Belgium, Comrade Minitrue, has sent us a transmission about the growing prominence of the People's Cube in the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics EUSSR and its glorious capital, Brussels.

Online casino met gratis startgeld an article describing the ongoing ruthless purge of all right-wing sources and personalities from Wikipedia, a Dutch-language Belgian newspaper, Online casino met gratis startgeld [Scepter], describes us as a "right-wing satirical website.

The ever-vigilant Komrad Silverman has done THE PEOPLE a great favor by korrektly identifying markings, disregarded by most wrong-thinking people, as simple utility worker texas tea slot. Online casino met gratis startgeld are, in fact, secret and subversive codes of hatred, used by a world-wide conspiracy of fascists, known as the The Utility Workers' Army, whose hidden agenda is Orange Supremacy.

Thanks to the eagle eye of Sarah Silverman, the secret signs of the Trump Nazi Illuminati have been exposed. Orange is the new white. Valentine Day in People's Cube history The People's Valentine Guide to Dating Dictators Dating a dictator can be a scary and dangerous endeavor. But it also offers an opportunity to meet the authoritarian oppressor of your dreams, provided that the proper precautions are taken. Whether you are a young starry-eyed Utopian or have been around the eastern bloc for a while, everyone can benefit from these tips and guidelines for safe dictator-dating procedures.

Valentine's Day is coming up Get in Shape for Valentine With The People's Online casino met gratis startgeld Log Progressive Valentines Day for Gender Specific Males Progressive Valentines Day for Gender Specific Females Progressive Valentines Day for Non-Gender-Specific comrades CAPTION: Pelosi's Valentine Day Sign.

Nordstrom stores - among others - recently stopped carrying Ivanka Trump's wares. They claim that this decision is not at all politically motivated, but strictly a result of lagging sales. Nordstrom swears their Ivanka Trump dump has nothing to do with a boycott campaign waged by a random marketing consultant, under the hashtag GrabYourWallet. The timing that Ivanka's sales lagged around the same time father became close to winning the election, which is also when the boycott campaign ramped up, but not a moment before, is purely coincidental.

Armed with a baseball bat and wearing a fashionable rioting unisex ensemble, Flat Antifa is looking for some fascism to smash. Fascism is anything that Flat Antifa doesn't understand. It needs to be smashed. Fascists are those who refuse to conform to Flat Antifa's non-conformism. They need to be smashed. Included on the list of things to smash are gender fascism, sexist fascism, racist fascism, homo-fascism, hetero-fascism, bi-fascism, trans-fascism, adult fascism, and parental fascism.

Help Flat Antifa find more fascism to smash. Hooters announced today that they are preparing to hire 10, Muslim refugee women in a link of support to the immigrant community and in a display of solidarity with other American companies that have offered similar support.

Hooters joins the list of companies such as Starbucks, which has also offered to hire 10, refugees instead of veterans or unemployed Americans, as well as AirBNB, which has offered to house these immigrants. Vladimir Putin deflated footballs used by the New England Patriots - it was revealed today by CNN.

This is the only way that they could have won the Superbowl. It has been determined that he did it to make Trump's team victorious. Women and minorities have been hardest hit by this latest defeat. You may have seen the recent fake news that the Statue of Liberty was originally meant to be a womyn of the Religion of Peace: All of which is Well and Good.

But it only scratches the surface. Outspoken comedian Sarah Silverman thinks that Trump voters are racist, she said yesterday while wearing blackface makeup to emphasize her point.

Later, after working herself up into some kind of Ergebnis river rock hotel casino Sie, Silverman appeared to call for a military coup in a tweet, while protests against Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos turned violent after Soros' and the DNC's minions attacked people with shovels and clubs while burning things and breaking windows.

These 'activists' are online casino met gratis startgeld literally the products of modern philosophy that someone should cry to all the university administrations and faculties: Famous Tweets in chronological order: Beyonce has announced today that she is pregnant with two Donald Trump's babies at once, with experts predicting that this may inadvertently set the tone for the entire Black History Month, which has just begun.

The year-old singer was disappointed that her previous pregnancy photo on Instagram only gathered 6, likes, 17, tweets, and some anemic media coverage at such lame old news organizations as The New York Times, LA Times, US Weekly, Chicago Tribune, and online casino met gratis startgeld media holdouts, with not a single picture or a word about her casino slots games las free vegas places where it really counts - Breitbart, Fox News It will be raised every time there is a call to "arms" for hugging.

I haven't quite figured out yet what this flag should be called. This humble Kommisar welcomes the contributions of online casino met gratis startgeld most equal masses for the christening dedication of this new Reciprocating Trump's MuslimBan, the CEO of Starbucks has vowed to start a campaign of discrimination against US citizens by hiring 10, Muslim refugees instead of the usual local applicants as baristas.

This, in turn, was immediately reciprocated by a call to BoycottStarbucks by Trump supporters, who claim that Starbucks is an overhyped watering hole for pompous white Subaru-driving liberals in yoga pants.

That is an outrageously divisive statement because it excludes unicyclists and Prius drivers, whose vehicles are equipped with three turn signals: There is a chart circulating the internet, showing the numbers of American citizens killed by Middle Easterners since The purpose of this chart is to persuade us that President Trump is banning people from the wrong countries.

Citizenship from these countries does not equal Muslim. But a travel ban of these countries' citizens is a ban of all Muslims. We know that no Muslim would kill an American, because Islam is the Religion of Peace. According to this chart, Saudi Arabians are more dangerous than citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. But we don't really want Saudi Arabians to be banned, because it is a Muslim-majority After the tragic loss of life in click Quebec mosque shooting of January the 29th, it warms our hearts to witness the correct response we expect in such situations.

Major news outlets were quick to point out that the current casino south point suspect, a certain Mr. Buissonette, had serious mental issues and work-related traumas that may online casino met gratis startgeld caused him to act irrationally. To stress the "lone wolf" character of this attack, no links were made with other anti-Muslim actions or protests in the past that have no proven connection to this incident.

To avoid stigmatising any demographic, prime minister Trudeau did not immediately describe this "event" as terrorism.

Calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new protest? Trump is here and the time is right for protesting in the street! Enclosed in your hijab, you can, in the name of women's rights, proudly free casino cash up and be a warrior against Trump's War on Women. Join millions of like-minded women in smashing the patriarchy, achieving freedom from male domination and oppression, fighting for gender-justice, and checking based on skin tone your white privilege.

It's simple common sense: Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Madonna described focusing online casino met gratis startgeld Trump's image on the TV screen while casting magic spells as her agent and friend recited verses from the Quran.

In the end, her mystical witchcraft backfired. Trump defeated Clinton, and Madonna became a hideous little monster instead. Months later the transmogrified celebrity is still struggling to accept what has happened: This online casino met gratis startgeld like a pilot for an absurdist comedy, or online casino met gratis startgeld least a TV skit.

Arrested Development comes to mind. Turns out, they are the police and they soon take him away in handcuffs. If Shia sells the rights to this episode, that should probably cover the medical bill from the upcoming month in the rehab.? It's only Click here second full day on the job, and already he has drawn international criticism: Defending his decision, President Trump told reporters, "Look, I know it's controversial, blah, blah, blah.

But to me it's genius. I'm gonna make ISIS go on Obamacare, and I'm going to make them pay for it. Online casino met gratis startgeld what I campaigned online casino met gratis startgeld, and I'm gonna make it happen in the first days. Senate, Chuck Schumer rushed to a microphone. Lets blow up the patriarchal government and replace it with a governwomynt! Attending a Trumphitler protest? That Guy Fawkes mask is "old hat! Don't be laughed at! Show your click to see more just how revolutionary and equal you can be by wearing the latest thing in Protest-wear!

Madonna is more revolutionary, more nasty, more disease-ridden than that old But just like Guy Fawkes, she too wants to blow up the seat of government!!! Available now at your local Protest Supplies online casino met gratis startgeld. Ask about the special limited-edition with bonus vial of Madonna's actual menstrual blood. Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti has recently vowed to boycott the Academy Awards ceremony as a protest of Illegitimate President Donald Trump's illegitimate proposal to illegitimately suspend visas for citizens of some African and Middle Eastern nations.

Alidoosti, who appears in the Oscar-nominated The Salesmanpoints out that foreign travelers to the United States have a right to come and go as they please without the illegitimate interference of the U. Her announcement has larger implications: Lawyers for Hillary Clinton today announced that they are initiating legal action against Satan for read article of contract.

They are demanding that he return the soul of Hillary Clinton who was promised the highest office in the land for her soul. Satan's representative, George Soros, declared that the promise was made in New York City and that she will have to settle for mayor. Following yesterday's Inauguration, half a million American women put on their pink "pussyhats" and marched on Washington, D. Organized by Planned Parenthood, Council for American-Islamic Relations, the Communist Party, and other progressive movements, American women came to Donald Trump's doorstep to express their anger, fury, indignation, and outrage over the fact that they can't name a single right that men have and women don't.

New lyrics - updated and improved: That's great it starts see more an earthquake cargo snakes on aeroplane And Tammy Bruce is not afraid deposit no casino uk online bonus of a hurricane listen to the Dems churn World serves it's own needs dummies serve your own needs Feeding off of faux speak grunts no strength The latter starts to clatter with fear fright down whites Why're they on fire representing people's gains In a government for hire and a left wing site Leftists west and free slot machines casino games in a hurry with the people breathing down your neck A Netticasino protester set himself on fire last night outside the Trump International Hotel a few blocks from the White House in Washington, D.

Online casino met gratis startgeld as yet unidentified year-old Californian used an unidentified accelerant and a lighter in an unsuccessful attempt to flambe himself for social justice. It was unclear if the man was insane or simply online casino met gratis startgeld very dedicated demonstrator. Given his disinclination to fully combust he is unlikely to have been an Eagle Scout. A online casino met gratis startgeld to all entertainers performing at Trump's inauguration: We are the party of love.

We've told you that over and over again, but you just don't seem to get it, so we have no other choice but to send you this anonymous death threat. How DARE you reject our love? You forced our hand and now we must teach you that if you don't do what we say, that means you don't love us. And you're supposed to love us. We are tolerant and inclusive and if you don't agree with us, you must be silenced! We want to give ourselves to you, body and soul, BUT YOU JUST WON'T SEE IT AND GO OFF WHORING AFTER THAT BITCH!!!!!!

With just over 48 hours left of the Obama Administration, this is your last chance to remember if there is anything you might have done for which you need slot no deposit bonus pardon.

My transgression and my cat's transgression: Years ago, Dear Leader's glorious face graced the cover of the magazine Fast Company. I failed to frame it and put it on the wall so I could online casino met gratis startgeld as I walked by. I left it on the couch Naturally, Online casino met gratis startgeld mandated the cat to take eight weeks of diversity and sensitivity training President Obama awarded himself the prestigious, 'Distinguished Public Service Medal' on Wednesday, January 4th, During his teary-eyed presentation speech, he referred to himself some 97 times while gloriously expounding on his many accomplishments, performances and outstanding golf games.

Through tears of joy during the acceptance speech, he referred to himself another times expounding upon his many successes and how smart he is. We breathlessly await more medals of this type to be awarded to Barack Obama.

MOSCOW -- Following Buzzfeed's "golden showers" expose regarding president-elect Trump's alleged escapades in a Moscow hotel, Vladimir Putin held a ceremony in the Kremlin, giving golden medals to a group of heroic Russian women who served the Motherland in the course of this operation.

Why would he leave them for unvetted females with a lowered sense of social responsibility? Don't miss this post-election fire sale as the Clinton Foundation closes its doors and lays off its non-unionized employees.

A behind the scenes look at how Pee-Gate really happened. We online casino met gratis startgeld long known that right-wing people are better looking, smarter, happier, and even have a better sex life without demanding that the government pays for their contraceptives. No one knew how to effectively argue that fact, deny it, rationalize it, or turn it into an asset - until now.

A groundbreaking scientific research has finally answered the most puzzling question of the Universe: Why would anyone in their right mind ever vote for a right-winger? As a side effect, scientists also explained that people's right-wing politics stem from their beauty, talent, ability, strength, and well-being, which also signals I raise a tin cup of glorious beet vodka with a splash of tractor fuel to the imaginary hookers.

Once again the mainstream media is trickling out details, one drip at a time People PAY to get their beds wet? I know some folks with pure talent. The search for prostitutes who peed on Obama's bed has been narrowed down to one suspect The People's Cube entry has just been purged from Wikipedia. We are now officially a non-site populated by non-persons sharing non-thoughts and making non-jokes. It makes me feel right at home, back in the Soviet Union, where an invisible hand obstructed any of my efforts to manifest my existence.

No visibility means no responsibility. Out of sight, out of mind. As a linguistic experiment, once had "out of sight, out of mind" translated into Russian and then back into English. The phrase returned as "invisible lunatics. No need to think now, non-people.

The Wiki-progs have turned us into invisible lunatics. Announcing Volume 1 Number 1 of TRUMPIAN HORRORS - the new, hip, retro-pulp fiction magazine for Cis Males, Cis Men, Trans Males, Each month or whenever we get around to it -- publishing schedules are racistTRUMPIAN HORRORS will bring you gripping fictionalized accounts but NOT FAKE NEWS!

Headline story and Trigger Warning! Dear President Obama, I would like to take the time to honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for having a huge hand in creating the online casino met gratis startgeld age for satire that the world has ever seen.

Online casino met gratis startgeld aside from that, there is so much more to be thankful for. I believe that Online casino met gratis startgeld also speak for countless college-educated people when I say that during the dusk of your presidency we should take the time to list some of the amazing things you have done and to reflect upon them.

When we first saw this headline, we thought it was yet another satirical online casino met gratis startgeld about Online casino met gratis startgeld, similar to our own previous exploits: But first, let's step back a little.

We've had a few spates with Snopes in the past. It was all fun and games when Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson first debunked our story about Rosie Online casino met gratis startgeld getting a tramp stamp with ISIS online casino met gratis startgeld to support Islamic 'freedom fighters' On Wednesday, President Obama added another online casino met gratis startgeld medal to his Nobel Prize collection when he had Defense Secretary Ash Carter award him the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.

Most Americans had no idea that the Pentagon? Additionally, you may not be aware that several countries are? The European Union didn't exist and neither did China's economic powerhouse. The Berlin wall had just come down and Germany had finally reunited. Hillary Clinton was a little-known mouthy First Lady of Arkansas and the media gleefully predicted that Donald Trump would never climb back to the top after his Atlantic City fiasco.

On the other side of the Iron Curtain, the Eastern bloc was in shambles, but the USSR was still standing with Mikhail Gorbachev at the helm.

The KGB meddled in other countries' affairs as online casino met gratis startgeld, spreading "fake news" and helping leftist politicians with no objections from the Western media The Wikipedia page this web page the People's Cube may be purged in a few days and just click for source become a non-site unless we take action.

You can add your two kopeks online casino met gratis startgeld the discussion here: In this New Year edition of No News - Good News we are happy to inform our readers that the following things did not occur this year: Santa disclosed naughty list on WikiLeaks, "Helped Trump win election"; Obama expels Rudolph, Prancer, Vixen, and 35 elves in retaliation - California builds wall to keep out Trump supporters - Bernie supporters stunned there is no socialist Santa Claus, vow to continue demanding free chocolate cookies, milk - Learn more here Post sues Internet for infringing on "fake news" business - Controversy in the lab: Long after burial physicists uncertain Free casino games doubledown casino play now is dead - Sexed-up Mother Russia becomes Milf Russia; Motherland renamed into Milfland on Putin's orders By popular demand, we have made two versions of this design - cute and rebellious - pick whichever feels more "deplorable" to you.

The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by precedent, by implication, online casino met gratis startgeld erosion, by default, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other - until the day when they are suddenly declared to be the country's official ideology.

When asked if they could point to North Korea on a map many college students didn't know what a map was CNN: We must bring America into the 21st century by replacing the 18th century Constitution with 19th century poetry Pelosi: Truth to Power" is humanity's last chance to save the Earth before it ends five years online casino met gratis startgeld Experts: The more we embrace diversity the more everything is the same BOMBSHELL: CNN, WaPo, NYT anonymous sources say Vladimir Putin may have ties to Russia BREAKING: Evidence proves Donald Trump conspired see more his campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton University ranked "very intolerant of free speech" fights the accusation by banning the online casino met gratis startgeld and all involved Concerned that Russians don't consume enough alcohol in the month of March, Russia's Orthodox Church makes St.

Starbucks CEO Schultz's hiring of 10, Muslim refugees likely to blow up in his face Will the groundprog be frightened by its own shadow and hide - or will there be another season of check this out protests?

Trump signs executive order making California and New York national monuments; residents have two days to more info Women's March against fascism completed withfewer deaths than anticipated Feminist historians uncover ghastly concentration camps where so-called "housewives" were forced to live inauthentic lives slaving away in kitchens Dictionary of the future: Global Warming was a popular computer simulation game, where the only way to win was not to play "Anti-fascist" groups violently protest misspelling of their original name, "aren't-we-fascists" Post-inauguration blues: Millions of uncounted votes found on Hillary's private voting machine in her Chappaqua bathroom New York Times: Fidel Castro world's sexiest corpse After years of trial and error, CIA finally succeeds with the "waiting it out" technique on Fidel Castro Post-election shopping tip: Many non-voters still undecided on online casino met gratis startgeld they're not going to vote The Evolution of Dissent: Bush Venezuela solves starvation problem by making it mandatory to buy food Breaking: FRESH FROM THE CUBE Newsletter Subscribe voluntarily and we promise that the KGB will not sell your email down the river to other spy agencies.

Winner of The Most Politically Correct Web Online casino met gratis startgeld Medal and Award, Winner of HERO OF CHANGE Medal and Award, Awarded "Friend of People" License and Medallion, Find Womens Watches for Your Wife on dhgate.

Mother Page What is The People's Cube? GLOBAL WARMING Demolish capitalist lies, round up the deniers! A WORMHOLE INTO THE FUTURE REMEMBER KATRINA! Guy Paul Online casino met gratis startgeld Hillary, People's Leader Doctor Fuku Online casino met gratis startgeld. KG3 Laika The Space Dog Lenin's Nook Comrade Mr.

Palimpsest NPR At Large People's Red Planet Angie Comics STATE-RUN STORE 86 BY PRODUCT: See the Entire Store The People's Cube Obama Playing Cards Obama Dollar Bill Magnet T-SHIRTS POSTERS BUTTONS POSTCARDS MAGNETS BAGS MUGS STICKERS TIES APRONS KEYCHAINS HATS THE PARTY BUNKER RedSquare ThePeoplesCube. Al Gore, People's I. People's Dry Goods Store: BLOG TRUTH CONTEST Kim Jong-Un saves world from Trump, wins Nobel Peace Prize Wrong Side of History Common Sense Voting Rights Reform Museum of Nothing: Sandra Fluke's Dorm Room Museum of Nothing: Everything offensive has been removed Move offensive statues to a museum?

Instructional Video Is learn more here just me, or do you also wonder how liberals can possibly function, let alone win elections? Iran to Celebrate American 4th of July Independence Day Message From Obama Dear Leader Celebrates Fourth in Paris   The People's Cube makes 33 of the Top Humor Blogs List I would like to personally congratulate myself and all of our regular contributors, irregular contributors, lurkers, readers, thoughtcriminals, and fellow travelers as The People's Cube has been selected by the panelists at FeedSpot.

Trump-Comey edition Poor Me is a magazine dedicated to people who see themselves as victims. Viking Ragnar has a nightmare about modern Sweden Komrades, I made this little vid telephone portable Ragnar Lothbrok gets a glimpse of online casino met gratis startgeld people's nightmarish future that is 21st century Sweden.

The People's Cube is twelve years old! London Edition Step right up! Super Gay Friends To online casino met gratis startgeld along with Disney's re-envisioning of  Beauty and the Beastand their new show  Princesonline casino met gratis startgeld also released a new children's cartoon - perfect for the kids to watch while eating their cereal during Saturday morning prime time.

Then and Now A hundred years ago April 6, America entered World War I. Defenders of the Deep State It is the dawn of the Trump era. Pelosi's Valentine Day Sign Ivanka Trump boycott fizzles out Nordstrom stores - among others - recently stopped carrying Ivanka Trump's wares. Trump Voters Are Racist Outspoken comedian Sarah Silverman thinks click at this page Trump voters online casino met gratis startgeld racist, she said yesterday while wearing blackface makeup to emphasize her point.

Beyonce pregnant with 2 Donald Trump's babies Beyonce has announced today that she is pregnant with two Donald Trump's babies at once, with experts predicting that this may inadvertently set the tone for the entire Black History Month, which has just begun.

Starbucks White Snowflake Smoothie Reciprocating Trump's MuslimBan, the CEO of Starbucks has vowed to start a campaign of discrimination against US citizens by hiring 10, Muslim refugees instead of the usual local applicants as baristas.

Why doesn't Trump ban Saudi Arabia too? Instruments of Resistance Calling out around the read article, are you ready for a brand new protest? Get REAL MAD, with the Madonna Protest Mask! A Documentary A behind the scenes look at how Pee-Gate really happened.

President Dear President Obama, I would like to take the time to honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for having a huge hand in creating the greatest age for satire that the world has ever seen. Life imitates The People's Cube big time! People's Cube can be deleted from Wikipedia, HELP! The People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube Online casino met gratis startgeld People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube The People's Cube People's Cube Satire Classics - Greatest Hits function w,d,s,i {w.

Don't forget warm clothes and a shovel! News  Site map  SitemapIndex  RSS Feed  Channel list   When asked if they could point to North Korea on a map many college students didn't know what a map was CNN:

Wij hebben de no deposit bonussen online casino bonus zonder storting voor u op een rijtje gezet. Met de online casino bonus zonder storting kunt u middels het aanmaken van een account gratis casinogeld verkrijgen, waarmee u vervolgens echt geld kunt winnen.

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