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The authority on tech. Zashypoo Oct 30,8: Hello, I am currently searching for a PC clan, my main games are: BF4, SWTOR, Counter park place casino and Arma 3. I have to point out that I am 13yr old, PLEASE give me a chance, I am mature enough, I am not one of those troll console teens.

I am a PC player that is just tired of going "lone wolf". Please give me online gaming groups chance. More about good gaming group clan. Tmplt Oct 30,9: Zashypoo Oct 30,9: Can't find your answer? Zashypoo Nov 4,3: SilverfoxHound Feb 13,7: MmmWaffles Feb 16,8: Sorry to Mouch off the question but I too am looking for some groups to role with.

MattandFelicia Garrison Feb 27,7: James Online gaming groups Mar 6, We are a mature gaming clan that places an emphasis on creating a casual gaming atmosphere for our members. The number one thing that 11thhr looks online gaming groups in its new members -- is the ability to have fun. We place a high premium on competitive play, but at the end of the day -- the friendships we have within our community are worth far more than the score at the end of the round.

Wochinimen Mar 10, online gaming groups, 3: Hello, I'm from UK based but members from around the world PC gaming clan Geeks Retreat. We're pretty new but growing at a good pace.

We have a online gaming groups gaming night on Thursdays but our Teamspeak channel is open all week for members to get on and organise their own games. We play the following: We are very friendly and have an active Facebook page full of chat, links to betas, deals we share, help with PC building etc. We have a council that makes sure people are behaving online gaming groups basically admins as well as organising lots of events.

We also run friendly competitions, for example our current competition is to post a 60 second video clip of "awesome moments". The votes will be by the community and prizes are copies of either: Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Take on Helicopters, Brothers: As you can see the admins not only look after the clan but we also invest our own money in it to keep it alive and fun to part of.

Feel free to check us out. Jam3sn Apr 11,6: One that im actively part off and is growing, http: Ezra Rieben Apr 11,8: Well online gaming groups you're looking for a community that has no set leader, plays online gaming groups every game, and is on all of the time, our clan http: YuukiXD May 24,2: Hi I also own and run a PC Gaming clan were online gaming groups Marked for Death and our tags are M4D.

We have our own Team Speak 3 server We play a huge variety of online gaming groups here are our more played games. Plus many, many more BioHaxe May 25,7: Me to for the past month I play games such as backlight retribution,planetside 2,and onlive, also ava if you wanna join just friend online gaming groups on onlive at jusme Mac Online gaming groups Jun 10,1: RayMezz08 Jul 8,7: I have recently started a new gaming community.

I am looking for people to help run things, along with community members that are just passionate about gaming. We are a cross platform community. If you are interested just let me know, or visit us at www. Hope to see you there! Aerithian Jul 26, Prikkelbaar Aug 15, For Viewtcong2 info checkout the Allstars guestbook for game info at http: Xiango Aug 21,6: ChristianCruz Aug 24,1: I am looking for a group to play with as well! Contact me on skype if I can! I am currently trying to create a clan.

The clan website is gamingfarts. I have link unturned dedicated server and a Teamspeak online gaming groups server at the moment and am willing to expand. Please go to the site look around post any suggestions or complaints. If you are interested make an account.

The website is still under development. Call hollywood Merc Sep 16, Ask a new question.

Video Games Games Counter Strike PC gaming. Looking for A good build for gaming looking for good speakers for pc gaming, music and movies. Good looking online gaming groups on an average pc!!!

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Online gaming groups

You spend online gaming groups days playing with them. Maybe they're your backup in a first-person shooter. Perhaps they heal your World of Warcraft guild raids. You count on them, and they count on you, but do you count them as online gaming groups As I was wondering through the morning news, I stumbled over a Charm City Moms column in The Baltimore Sun asking the question, "Are Your Virtual Friends Real Friends?

Does a friend have to be someone you see face-to-face or can you be friends with someone you never meet? I've read more playing MMO games for more than a decade now, from Ultima Online to World of Online gaming groups to Second Life, and I've often referred to the people I play with on a regular percy casino lotus jackson as friends.

It just seems natural. But to someone looking in from the outside, like Liz Atwood, it must seem rather peculiar, referring to people we online gaming groups likely never meet as friends. Are we labeling these people friends out of convenience, or is the definition of friend changing with the times? Looking back on my online gaming "career," I've called lots of people my friends. Online gaming groups spent a year and a half in an EverQuest guild, spending more time hanging about virtual avatars with strange names than I did anyone in real life.

If I had a problem, I would bounce it off one of them. If one of my guild-mates stumbled on hard times, we'd band together to help them out. The difference is, once I quit the game, those people disappeared. Once I online gaming groups outside of that virtual community, it was as if I no longer existed. Is casino in how virtual friendship works? And perhaps it's a testament to the importance of online gaming groups anonymity, recently highlighted by Blizzard's attempt to use real names in the World of Warcraft and StarCraft II forumsthat I never knew anyone's real name.

Sure, there are a few online folks I talk to outside of gaming circles, particularly those from Second Life, who seem as a whole more willing to take the virtual out of virtual reality. On the whole, however, I've spent months of my time playing with online gaming groups that I will never see again.

Looking back, perhaps "friends" was too strong of a word. Maybe it was just easier to say than "acquaintances," or perhaps calling them friends made the time spent seem more worthwhile.

Has the word "friend" simply lost its meaning on the internet? We have Xbox Live friends, Facebook friends, Wii friend codes. Perhaps there should be two different definitions, one for online and one for off. Do you consider your online gaming friends real friends, or do you need more than a screen name and an avatar before the label sticks?

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The Social Structure of Online Gaming

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