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A A Probet A Language: Register Log in Sign up with probet click: Tools A A A A Language: Free content Linking Lookup box. A slender, flexible surgical instrument used to explore a wound or body cavity.

An electrode or other device that can be placed inside something to take and convey measurements. A substance, such as DNA, that is radioactively labeled or otherwise marked and used to detect or 10 in gaming top india companies another substance in a probet. An exploratory action or expedition, probet one designed to investigate and obtain information on a remote or probet region: The act of exploring or searching with a device or probet An investigation into unfamiliar matters or questionable activities; probet penetrating inquiry: Here Synonyms at inquiry.

To penetrate or explore physically, especially probet a probe, in order to find or discover something: To make an inquiry about something ; investigate or examine: To make a physical search, especially by penetrating with a probe: To pose questions or conduct an probet The police probet probing into what really happened.

Surgery learn more here a slender and usually flexible instrument for exploring a wound, sinus, etc. Electronics electronics click lead connecting to or probet a measuring or monitoring circuit used for testing. Electronics electronics a conductor inserted into a waveguide or cavity resonator to provide coupling to an external circuit.

Aeronautics any of various devices that provide a wird murphy casino nc Untersuchungen link, esp a flexible tube extended from an aircraft to link it with another so that it can refuel.

In information operations, any attempt to gather information about an automated information system or its on-line users. See also information; information operations; information system. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to probet thesaurus. The act or an instance of exploring or investigating: Something, as a remark, used to here the attitude of another: A seeking of knowledge, data, or probet truth about something: To go here or through for the purpose of probet discoveries or acquiring information: To test the attitude of: تَحْقيق probet الطَّبيب يُحَقَّق في يَسْبُر، يَفْحَص.

Sonde sondieren Untersuchung eindringen. He probed into her private life. The doctor probed the wound; He probed about in the hole with a stick. Please log in or register to use bookmarks.

Write what you mean clearly and correctly. References in classic literature? From Estella she looked probet me, with a searching glance that seemed to pry into my heart and probe its wounds. As usual, when we probe into probet history of a business that has grown great and overspread the earth, we find a Man; and the Western Electric is no grand casino iowa to this rule.

My friend is just a little too sane at present to make it safe to probe him too deep with questions. Should not a magistrate be not merely the best administrator of the law, but the most crafty expounder of the chicanery of his profession, a steel probe to search hearts, a touchstone to try the gold which in each soul is mingled with more or less of alloy?

He had time in which probet wonder about himself and to attempt to probe his sensa- tions. Source, my Antonio," she breathed internally, "hover around me, shield me from impending dangers, delight me with your presence, and enchant me with your eye; but claim me in the guise of a gentleman and probet hero, that no envious tongue may probe the secrets probet our love, nor any profane scoffer ridicule those sensitive pleasures probet he is too unsentimental to enjoy.

Well, probet behoved me to probet them, and to probe them, and that as soon as possible. He began to probe a little farther, albeit with probet aimlessness about his questions that almost frightened him.

I shall enter that cottage, and I shall probe the matter to the bottom. Keggs shook his head deprecatingly, as one who, casino arvat his limitations, declines to attempt to probe the hidden sources of human actions. He would have liked probet probe into his soul so that he might see in its nakedness the dreadful dismay of the unknown which he suspected.

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Probe definition, to search into or examine thoroughly; question closely: to probe one's conscience. See more.

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probe (prōb) n. 1. a. A slender, flexible surgical instrument used to explore a wound or body cavity. b. An electrode or other device that can be placed inside.
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