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I really love this casino! It's where they filmed 'Bleed twin river casino This' one of my favorite films oh and the people watching is absolutely incredible.

In just a few short hours I watched a Journey cover band, two dudes arm wrestle, and a guy won a car. I was pretty sure when they re opened a decade ago they had a non smoking section, but I could be wrong. Anyways it's definitely worth checking out if you want to get a true Rhode Island experience.

In town with friends and we decided to hit up a casino. Twin river casino reading the reviews we weren't expecting much. But what we found was a straight up casino. Not twin river casino fancy but certainly not dirty or falling apart. Each twin river casino us played our games of choice and enjoyed our time there thoroughly. I made friends at the craps table and walked off with a few extra dollars. We all agreed we had a fun night and would recommend it.

But if you are looking for "Wynn" style gambling and high table limits this isn't your place. Although they do have a high roller site offers betting joining. I have been coming here regularly for the last few years. Security officials treated a friend of mine very badly and rudely, and they were all using foul language. Anyway, myself and several of my friends will not be going back there.

So your loss, you corrupt, mean RI bastards. The place is grim anyway, compared to the CT casinos and the food outlets, such as Subway, are nowhere near as good as the real thing.

When the Boston casino eventually opens, Twin River will go bust very fast, for sure!! Been to more than casinos across US and Canada, this is the absolute worst without question. Limited experience with bartenders - rude. Limited experience with security - rude. Tried to play poker, went to sign in twin river casino was told to sit down because a new table was starting.

I twin river casino, 4 others there, waiting, waiting, waiting. Then asked my name, I give it and they said I'm not on twin river casino list. I say "I know, you told me to sit. They though tell me to stay in my seat. Floor guy comes by, repeat the same story name, not on list, told to sign twin river casino, but told to stay. I'm told to get up, but can't play in the new game.

I could go on The kicker - when finally leaving the poker room area I go to go down the escalator, it's out of service. I try to make a joke with a passing dealer "I thought an out of service escalator became stairs. This place is so hit or miss. Sometimes you get friendly dealers and terrible wait service, sometimes the dealers are the best but you cant get a drink. The bar in the middle of the table games is AWFUL!!!!!

They have 1 old man working always who literally cant even open a beer within twin river casino mins, I cant stand it when I have to go to that cigar bar for a drink. I twin river casino here to have fun and some of them are all business. Which makes for a long night if they are just going through the motions. TIP them well, they will make it worth your while! Unlike Foxwoods they don't hold you to 2 drinks Learn more here a decent place Fun place every few months.

This is the kind of place I can go to with my parents and twin river casino in one big group. We like the lighthouse bar! The bands are fun and it's fun to toss a few dollars in.

Def not the place to come to if twin river casino hoping to win big. Slots have a good variety, I personally love the 1 cents with bonuses and free games. I like johnny rockets too! It's nice that they offer smoke free sections but this section is totally boring and always empty.

Yeah there's a ton of old people but that's every casino. No comparison continue reading all to the Click here casinos but it's see more for a night out!

Don't twin river casino to RI just to come here. No shops and no hotel but plenty of fun if you make it! Smaller casino compared to Foxwoods. The casino is in the center with a bar in the center of the casino. This is where live bands perform as well. The perimeter of the building is lined with restaurants etc.

There is a smoking and Non Smoking level. I had a handicapped parking sticker and had no issues parking. Went on a Friday and it wasn't twin river casino crowded. Restrooms were clean, machines were operable and the smoke stench wasn't too bad. The waitress does take forever to get back to twin river casino with a drink and the drinks are not free. The machines twin river casino not rob you like Foxwoods.

This place is a JOKE!! Went to show here which was great but went to casino after show and here's what happened This place is like high school and wouldn't know class or how to behave in front of players never mind just basic customer service. If a dealer or staff member acted like that in Vegas or even CT Casinos they'd be removed from floor immediately besides who would want to play there!!

The worst casino in the world. Especially in read more services", which doesn't exist. I was playing at one of the blackjack table, at one point the dealer make a "mistake". The dealer click here my "money" on my twin river casino hand, which I speak up immediately. Later, twin river casino dealer keep twin river casino me by saying "what is your problems??

The dealer later ask the pit boss to call the security to kick me out of the casino. My problems were the dealers and pit bosses at Twin Rivers were very low class. The dealers were mean and unfriendly. I saw at least 3 or 4 people got kick out the Twin Rivers for "NO Reason". Wait until casino open in Boston. Twin Rivers will become a warehouse. This is not a glamourous casino. It is basically where the elderly come to blow their SSI check. You never win big there.

Compared to other casinos it is on the dirty side and a lot of their games always seem to be broken, etc. They do have a KFC buffet in one of their food courts if you want to stuff your feelings for wasting your money. Parking is kinda bananas. They do have a shuttle bus service if you park in one of their smaller lots. It does not have a parking garage twin river casino other area casinos. You will see all types of people there. The first level is smoking and the second floor is non-smoking.

This place is a complete shithole. If you like dumps and the worst run poker room in the country, then this is the place for you Should had listen to the reviews. Staff is friendly except when u head to the food click. Johnny Rockets cashier is very rude.

I didn't even give him a chance and left Drove right by Plainridge taking the scenic ie, more restaurants route.

Chrome seemed generally cleaner. New cashout machines much better than the original ones. Drinks absurdly overpriced and the lines are too long. They finally got rid of those crappy azzed "Alien" machines in the main room, that have been there since The Doggies chased the wabbit. They are "Mucho Dinero" now. The Venetian twin river casino Vegas, Twin Rivers certainly is not but if you come here expecting that in the middle of the woods of RI, thats on you.

Knowing that and going against what a lot of the other reviewers have criticized on here, I have found the parking situation easy to navigate, the place has been clean, and the hosts have been friendly and helpful.

I have had good experiences with the dealers as well. The reason I had to go low on the rating is because of the pit boss staff that has been beyond amateur each time I twin river casino. Today for example when I sat at a table, I gave the dealer my TR card. Nobody came by to take it for a few hands and the dealer politely reminded the bit boss who yelled "HES GONNA HAVE TO Twin river casino. I am well aware I was not in the high roller room and that I myself link certainly no high roller or whale of twin river casino customer but I wasn't even asking about it.

The card could have sat on the table for another hour for twin river casino I cared and this woman twin river casino yelling as if I was being a nuisance. Talk about customer service. The same dealer was asking for red chips told you I wasn't at a high roller table multiple times from any of the bosses in the area. He eventually had twin river casino ask players to color back to him for reds.

Not his fault at all betwinn talk about amateur hour twin river casino an operation. THEN a boss came over and started questioning him about wether he asked for the chips or not. She was really getting on the dealer and the players had to assure her we all heard him multiple times.

Then the pit boss began to complain about who ever is responsible for the chips for a few minutes right in the middle of a shoe to the dealer and the players. It was just awkward. In the past when I have won, I have had to wait for much longer than I should to color out.

In general it seems as if the pit boss staff believes they are there to crack the whip rather than being an extension of customer service. Twin river casino today its obvious there is a go here here and stuff you would NEVER see at either casino in CT. If there is one group of employees at ANY casino that should have their stuff together, it is the pit bosses; this part of the staff at TR needs to take a few hospitality courses up the street at Johnson and Wales.

Just don't, been coming here for over 15 years. You would think competition would make the ownership try harder, it's done the opposite.

You can't fortune bay like you used too anymore and I have records that prove this.

You lose much quicker and the incentives to play are piss poor. BTW Twin, there more songs than just those from the 80's.

Be careful at night as the parking lot is dark and does not feel safe. They think they can compare themselves to Mohican or Foxwoods?

People come here because they don't feel like driving anyplace else. They have always needed to be distinctive and keep failing.

There is no attention to detail here, nothing special and because of this it will fail the taxpayers on Rhode Island in time. First off the valet parking was a three lane madhouse, but twin river casino were able to valet the car and get inside before the 8PM start time. Well imagine my surprise as we entered the "venue" there was a sea of folding chairs.

The room was like a giant function hall with a stage There was no information on Ticketmaster that led me to believe this was anything but a theatre type of venue. And my ass was not too happy either. So we get to our seats just before 8 and begin the waiting game, I guess Martin must have been helping to valet cars because the show didn't start until 8: Oh, and my seats were called "gold circle", I think that must have been from the carpet pattern because we were way off to the right looking sort of sideways to see properly.

Martin was funny, he intersperses video from his SNL days, so it cuts down on his stage time, but I'd say his total twin river casino time was about 1: He had two encores. I probably wouldn't see him again because I get twin river casino feeling his show does not change. I got the feeling that he made a money grab, but he is an entertainer.

Oh, the room is huge, so the people that sat near the back or even halfway back needed to watch on crappy pull down screens cause there's no way they could have seen the stage. Here's a tip for Martin: The valet that brought our car around, opened the door for my wife! Does not pay out anymore.

I used to play here all the time years ago. It's disgusting they don't pay anymore. I will not go back twin river casino This place has degenerated into a filthy pool of cigarette ashes and zombie-like people, far from the TV advertisements you might see. It's a complete cesspool. Do yourself a favor and drive to CT and go to a real casino Twin River Casino Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Of course this is not true Read less.

Of course this is not true. If the people dropping money into the machines are not making problems then they will be allowed to stay there as long as they want. Day or night, it doesn't matter. Been to  more than casinos across US and Canada, this is the absolute worst without question. If you like dumps and the worst run twin river casino room in the country, then this is place for you.

Should had listen to the reviews. I didn't even twin river casino him a chance and left. Drove right by Plainridge taking the scenic ie, more restaurants route. I was kick out because of a 40 cent ticket I found pick up the slot supervisor who had a beard name was alcaser and the security guy they referr as big al chase me down and threaten me to kick me out just for a 40 cent ticket.

I will not go back here. This place has degenerated into a filthy pool of twin river casino ashes and zombie-like people, far from the TV advertisements you might see. Twin Here Casino, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is one of the largest casino's in North America, with 5, gaming positions - and features both smoking and non-smoking gaming!

The casino operates over 4, video slot twin river casino, as well as virtual table games including blackjack and roulette. Twin River also has 80 live table games including a gaming mix of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Craps, Spanish 21, Let It Ride, Pai Gow Poker and more. Twin River is located just 10 minutes north of Providence and 45 minutes south of Boston! Skip to Search Form fzayzrceydzxqfrqqdysfz.

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Edit Twin River Rd Lincoln, RI Send to your Phone. It's a great place to have a drink and eat twin river casino type food. You can listen to the music from the Gazebo but it's not too loud. We need more…" read more. Shouldn't this be against the law? Of course this is not true Read less stupid statement. View 2 more answers. I notice at night that several people are sleeping on the machines, is this normal because there's no hotel, or is it because there's no security?

Read less If the click to see more dropping money into the machines are not making problems then they will be allowed to stay there as long as they want. Recommended Reviews for Twin River Casino.

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Dieser slots gratis con bonus Trautmann following Amanda B. Stop casino ending Rebekah L.

Marlborough, MA twin river casino friends 19 reviews 24 photos. Stop following Letteria P. Rockland, MA 10 friends 2 reviews. Newton, MA 5 friends 1 review 1 photo. Stop following Pang Wei L. Stop following Sharon V. They do have great drinks. Millbury, MA 49 read article 7 reviews 2 photos.

Beverly Hills, CA 87 friends 92 reviews 46 photos. Stop following Baldemar R. Stop following Robert H. Useful 3 Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! New cash out machines Bumblers, all pile out of a wittle Clown Car.

Line up for overpriced drinks or to get paid. Tic toc for this place, yet they seem oblivious. Useful 1 Funny 2 Cool Others will see how you vote! Grandma says I look like this. When I finally show up to an Elite event, you can tell me uf she is right.

Me heart Hoot Loot. Useful 5 Funny Cool 1 Others will see how you vote! Useful 2 Funny 2 Cool Others will see how you click to see more Useful 4 Funny 2 Cool Others will see how you vote! Boston, MA 6 friends 69 reviews. Stop following Andrew R. Providence, RI 0 friends 70 reviews 1 photo.

Stop following Theodore H. Useful 1 Funny 1 Cool Others will see how you vote! Quincy, MA 0 friends 1 review.

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More business info Good for Kids No. From the business Twin Twin river casino Casino, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is one of the largest casino's in North America, twin river casino 5, gaming positions - and features both smoking and non-smoking gaming! Lists including Twin River Casino. Guilty Pleasures, and some not so twin river casino Guil…. Boston Area Bucket Twin river casino. Other Casinos Nearby Find more Casinos near Twin River Casino.

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Twin River Casino | Lincoln, Rhode Island

Anyone that has a valid VIP bus card from a Connecticut casino, we will grant you a complimentary Twin River VIP Bus pass to enjoy free rides. Group Leaders and Bus Companies are encouraged to call x for more information.

RIPTA — Rhode Island Public Transit Authority Melrose Street, Providence, RI Starlight Limousine and Transportation L. Sign up today to be notified via email, text, or direct mail about the latest promotions and offers at Twin River Casino! Copyright twin river casino Twin River Casino.

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Malden Center T-Station Pleasant Street. Boston Chinatown Harrison Avenue. North Quincy T-Station Get lucky guitar Street.

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