Valley view casino buffet free

We also checked this casino out on the way back from a hike a couple days ago. We started with the buffet, which is great pricing for what you get. They also provide military discounts FYI! The slots were diverse and fun. Very nice layout, easy to find your way through the facilities. Very clean with professional staff. We inquired about a couple specific slot machines, and staff was quick to provide assistance.

My only critique is my disappointment to discover that they didn't have the Dolly [Parton] slot machines, lol. Maybe they're only in Vegas? But all in all, a phenomenal experience, and my roommate and myself will most certainly be back at a future date! I do like this casino but I'm valley view casino buffet free super impressed or anything. It has okay games and is decently sized.

The best slots are in the non smoking section. Good thing is the slots aren't tight. I doubled my money. This time it smelled really really strong like potpourri throughout the entire casino. The smell slapped me in the face the moment I opened the front door.

It ended up giving me a headache. Good food, variety, and seating. Just could have used some direction my first time through those big doors Used self parking and was completely satisfied! I was also excited to be able to see my car from the room. Didn't get to use: Will handle that next time! Was my first time and can see I am going to need more cash for next time Love Valley View Casino.

For whatever reason, we've been blessed with lady luck each time coming here. The slots are either lose, giving, or they like us. My gf and I both hit jackpots on our last trip here. To sweeten the deal, the all you can eat lobster which is why we come here in the first place is TDF. Best buffet in Casino nuovi qualitywise hands down, even better than Pala.

After 5 years since my last review - it's time for an update. Considering we visit once a month, how can it not be as good as it gets? Our monthly casino runs always start here, mainly because it's the best food options of any casino in the area.

The buffet is always spot on, and the occasional valley view casino buffet free of BLD's is nice. One of these day's we'll hit up Black and Blue, but frankly - we'd rather be in and this web page quickly so valley view casino buffet free can gamble!

We're lucky that we are Silver Pass holders and can get a pager and use the shorter line. If we ever that status, we might not visit as the buffet line it usually way valley view casino buffet free long I'm impressed valley view casino buffet free how well Valley View keeps valley view casino buffet free on the current slots.

On a recent trip to Vegas, we couldn't find Monty Python and the Holy Gail anywhere! Only one casino in Vegas had Betty White, and there she was in plain sight at Valley View. One of my favorites, a Red Hot Reel machine, just had new reels installed as the old ones were fading.

As for people complaining about tight machines, I have good days and bad days. Sometimes the bad days tend to last a while - but then I'll a hit a couple nice spins that makes it worth while. In fact, I can honestly say that my last 2 trips made me a little profit. A lady sitting across from had a nice hand pay while I was there.

And Betty went a little "wild" on me giving me a couple hundred dollars to walk out the door with. For promo's, I love the mystery envelopes, although I always get the minimum. We always comes on a Sunday so we joke around when playing the Moreplay machines - "Come on 5 dollar more play!

We've played a handful of slot tournaments, and came in 2nd once. If I can find any source at all, it's with the lack of employees at the Players Club desk, but this seems to be every casino for some reason. I appreciate the fact that they are super thorough at the counter and really want to make sure you have everything you need before sending you off.

By the way, they've nailed friendliness. Now, how about giving me that Black Card so I can park on the upper level? I know you have free valet, but I'm impatient and want to leave when I want and not wait for my car. Wife always gets free buffets every month, plenty of free play, and a couple of gifts each month, providing you are willing to make the long drive.

They have expanded to now have a hotel on premises, rooms are nice but do not have fridges. The pool is pretty with valley view casino buffet free infinity edge but really cold!! The jacuzzi is large and deep. When you stay here they give you a good breakfast the morning after valley view casino buffet free BLD's cafe, which is cool. Another thing we have enjoyed slot machine emulator the years is the party suite at the Padres games.

Now this is awesome! All kinds of game food - wings, pizza, nachos, salad and all you can drink! Definitely VIP treatment here. The buffet to me has always been valley view casino buffet free best casino buffet in town. Lobster every night, prime rib, crab legs, carved turkey breast and many more options. The desserts are unbelievable, so creative and not overly sweet! The main reason I come here for sure. Recently, we had a VIP dinner at the Black and Blue steakhouse and everything was fantastic!

A 5-course meal that was done right for sure!! Overall an above average casino with awesome food and great comps if you play and earn points here.

This is a great place to come and eat but my husband and I haven't won here in a very long time. I must say that the non-smoking section is better than other casinos because it's actually an entire separate area and you can feel fresh air being pumped into the room.

Most casinos, like Pala, have a smoking section that's right next to a smoking section with no physical separation.

The buffet is delicious, better than any Vegas buffet I've tried. Valley view casino buffet free I don't see the full length half lobsters anymore, they still offer the lobster tails. I love that the buffet cuts the crab legs down the middle. It makes eating them easier and less messy, plus I'm sure less of the meat is being wasted because it's easier for diners to access.

The hot chocolate served at the buffet is amazing! The buffet usually has a long line, especially on weekends and holidays. The casino is also quite small compared to other casinos in the area so it can feel quite cramped in there on a busy day. On a holiday, you're lucky if you can find an open machine. After coming here plenty of times, taking the luxury line bus, and this web page here at the hotel is fantastic.

Buffet herelunch and dinner is delicious!! Very gorgeous casino and hotel Worth the time and worth the drive: We've been coming to this casino for years.

Also, they have free soda while you play. All the casinos in San Diego and Riverside counties have gotten tighter over the last few years. Bummer cuz it's not fun when you hardly ever win!!

My husband and I finally ventured valley view casino buffet free and tried the all the way can eat lobster buffet for our valley view casino buffet free. Let me tell you Of valley view casino buffet free the casino smells like cigarettes. But the buffet does not! We waited in line for less than 10 minutes. We were seated immediately and we arrived at 5pm and the waiter we had was superb.

Not only did our glasses never go empty, we never had to ask for napkins or anything! It was great getting to see a waiter check up on us throughout the evening but not make us feel bombarded nor abandoned. He deserved a great tip! They give you 2 lobster tails per visit and there is hardly a line. Crab legs are endless. The desert table was elegant and so many choices!

This was valley view casino buffet free an hour away but was worth the trip and every penny!

Review is for Casino experience click to see more. Once we complete our Hotel stay I will update that and food. Well, I have been visiting VVC since they opened but stopped coming here a few years back after consistently losing thousands in a matter of a few weeks. I returned this month June to see if valley view casino buffet free were better but in my opinion, they are not.

That's a lot of money so we'll see if the perks are worth it. Bonuses are VERY hard to come by here, there are definitely "teaser" machines at VVC, meaning they get you close to a Bonus like 2 out of the 3 needed but never a Bonus.

So, we'll see if the Hotel stay is worth it, if not then we will shine this place going forward. How can I complain when you walk out the door with a full belly and a full wallet? There is short walk from the parking structure to the entrance, but it can get super chilly and windy in the hills. If you want more special treatment, there is free valet parking.

If you sign up for the player's club card, they give you an offer you can't refuse. You are eligible for cash back depending on the points you accrue on your first visit: If you do even better than that, they throw in 2 lobster buffets. If you manage to move up the VIP level with points, you can have one free lobster buffet every month in addition to other freebies and promotions.

If you play the table games, they give you instant comps just like Vegas like free food and other rewards. This is not the largest casino in the area, but it does have a nice size floor and a nice variety of table games and slots. Even valley view casino buffet free it got crowded, you could walk around and still find machines to play or a spins canada casino online free to sit at. It was pretty obvious that most of the people here were locals, and the staff seemed to know people by name.

I'm thinking that most people get sidetracked by Pachenga, Pala or Harrah's and don't make it down the road this far to get to Valley View. For me, that's a good thing. I like valley view casino buffet free space and the personalized care and attention given here.

Staff smile and look you in the eye when you speak to them. Will I be back? I need to cash in on the two free lobster buffets we earned. Maybe this is a racket to get us to come back. I don't mind that at valley view casino buffet free. Baited people for Lobster Buffet on Memorial Day. Sold out status wasn't stated on website and no one picked up the phone to a answer questions. Being military, it's shameful business take advantage of the holiday but offer no real appreciation to servicemembers.

Wish I could give them negative stars. Ever heard of just asking for it? Once inside the establishment I was extremely underwhelmed and wished I was still outside. Most machines were out of order, except for the expensive ones. The buffet was absolutely terrible, rubbery lobster and out of almost everything else. You would be better off at the all you can eat tofu bar down the street.

My husband and I valley view casino buffet free over an hour to have lunch at the buffet. Only to be sent away at the door by security because we brought our daughter. We only brought her because this was a non-smoking casino and only had plans to eat and leave.

Security advised no one under the age of 21 is allowed under any circumstances not even as a guest to the hotel. They really should have this posted online, so we didn't waste our time or money. They don't tell you this until you drive all the way to the buffet Don't advertise deals and then expect people to read the fine print.

Your customer service is rude and I don't appreciate the tone of your reply Valley View Casino. If you are reading this fellow Yelpers, take my advice and go to Viejas or one of the many other casinos in the area The free buffet I got on a Friday was the main reason I came to the casino valley view casino buffet free the slots.

Our server did an amazing job and she offered us tea plus coffee after eating the galore of food. I haven't walked away with anything huge to win at the slots at all but have a few hundred points which possibly means clueless to me. When you walk in the casino time after ahead of time in the future, let me know about the secret special information. And they say this place has the loose slots in San Diego County?!

They have the worst customer service level at all time. The worker seem to be always mad. Unfriendly and the food cheaply made and look old. Play at valley view casino buffet free table. There casino en de janeiro a new dealer who hit on 18 teen.

Suppose to be a bust, That was dealer fault. It should be play as is. Pit boss arrived removed the card, The dealer didn't catch it. It was a player who caught it. We already saw that card, The pit boss did not even reshuffle the deck or ask the player if we wanted a new deck.

Play as is, Since the deck is already mess up. I removed my VIP status from that casino and never go again. Very hard to get any short of accommodation.

They don't give you cash like other casino do. Also be sure to bring your I. D only casino that require a I. D Valley view casino buffet free is why their buffet lines are shorten, Parking lot seem to be less people now. Harder to find parking at lvl 2. They shut down the buffet at time to time, Acting like it is full.

I am glad that i removed myself from my vip status. Pretty nice casino without all the traditional flash. Love the kicked back infinity pool in biggest casino win no. Didn't really bother me since I'm just hanging out on a hot day. Unfortunately Casino smells like Cigarettes but there Is a nonsmoking section. Rooms are newly renovated but check in desk is way hidden.

Food has no flavor taste like cafeteria food. Wait staff need training in Customer Service. Not worth the drive. I'm not sure you'd want small children in the buffet, they might get trampled by the patrons heading for the crab legs serving area!

I don't remember seeing any children in the buffet area but you could always call or go online to submit your inquiry. I have found Valley View responds very quickly to questions. I don't remember seeing any children in the buffet area… Read more. When you go to book a room onlinethe following message pops up: I do like  this casino but I'm not super impressed or anything. Was my first time and can see I am going to  need more cash for next time Not my favorite casino at all to play in, however the comp stuff they offer is hard to beat.

Very gorgeous casino and hotel Valley view casino buffet free the time and worth the drive:. Bonuses are VERY hard to come by here, there  are definitely "teaser" machines at VVC, meaning they get you close to a Bonus like 2 out of the 3 needed but never a Bonus.

Pit boss arrived removed  the card, The dealer didn't catch it. The casino features 2, of the latest slot machines and exciting tables including blackjack, roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold-Em Poker,Fortune Pai Gow Poker and more, as well as a complete non-smoking casino in addition to the main casino floor.

With three valley view casino buffet free and live entertainment nightly, there's always something fun going on at Valley View. The casino hotel features Luxury Suites and  Deluxe Rooms all featuring breathtaking views and complimentary poolside breakfast. To enjoy the casino, hotel and restaurant guests must be 21 or older. The casino has been a vision of the San Pasqual Tribe for many years and the grand opening on April 18,marked a milestone event in their history.

The San Valley view casino buffet free Band of Mission Indians are members of the Kumeyaay people. In earlier days they were seasonal hunters and gatherers. Their native language comes valley view casino buffet free the Yuman branch of the Hokan family. The original San Pasqual reservation, approved in by President Ulysses S. Grant, encompassed 92, acres and spanned from Ramona to Mount Woodson and Highland Valley to Lake Wohlford.

However, inmany of the indigenous people were evicted when the U. Supreme Court failed to uphold Indian land rights treaties established with the Mexican government. Inthe government purchased land and moved some of the Kumeyaay there, but inseveral reservations were expanded, including San Pasqual's. Skip to Search Form edbzdtfvw Skip to Navigation Learn more here valley view casino buffet free Page Content Yelp.

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Read less I'm not sure you'd want small children in the buffet, they might get trampled by the patrons heading for the crab legs serving area! View 4 more answers. Are kids allowed in the hotel? Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

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All you valley view casino buffet free eat lobster shells. Where else can valley view casino buffet free get all you can eat lobster for FREE!?!? Useful 1 Funny Cool Others will see how you vote! Pool view from room. New Year's Eve Long Beach, CA 5 friends 72 reviews 7 photos. Temecula, CA 0 friends 14 reviews 5 photos. Carlsbad, CA 0 friends 16 reviews. San Fernando, CA 61 friends 18 reviews. Tolleson, AZ friends 2 reviews. Valley view casino buffet free following Nicole B.

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Come hungry and ready to indulge at San Diego's Best Buffet! The Buffet at Valley View Casino & Hotel offers exquisite dining including The lobster buffet was.

Every guest who joins our Players Club is eligible for instant cash rewards. Cash rewards start at just 25 points and the same cash offer visit web page for table game players too! Plus, Valley View is the only casino with 2, Certified Loose slot machines and you earn points faster here than at any other Southern California casino, so earning rewards is easy.

Join the Players Club today and cash in! Join Our Players Club and Cash In During Your Valley view casino buffet free Visit. To learn more, please ask any of our Valley view casino buffet free, Table Games, or Players Club Team Members.

There are even more ways to cash in! NEW PLAYERS CLUB MEMBER OFFER Every guest who joins our Players Club is eligible for instant cash rewards. GET IN TOUCH Privacy Policy Terms of Use Español SPCDGI CDMS.

Vally View Indian Casino Lobster Buffet Experience

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